Constantine Episode 2 Recap: Let’s Dig Up “The Darkness Beneath”!

Time for round two of the new supernatural show, Constantine and what a night for it to happen All Hallows eve! Hopefully they have something great planned for us. We open on a work site and a man heading home to his wife who is cooking for him. He doesn’t answer at first when she asks about a bad day. Then there is something about sounds. Guess there is something in the mine. Although this man does not seem to think so. There is some strange, tense moment when the dinner isn’t ready. Judging by the drinks and how she keeps her head down, maybe this guy is an abusive jerk? Jerk man goes to take himself shower and some creepy thing sweeps behind him while he is showing some very nasty stuff comes out of the pipes and then the water stops all together and flames explode. Well, that is the end of that guy.

Our boys are gambling to get money well could be worse ways to get some money. With the money in hand Constantine and his friend are heaving off to PA though turns out Constantine has to go alone something to do with a train derailment. He goes and our sketching person is still drawing pictures of him wherever he goes this is an interesting thing. Apparently our artist is really starting to get pissed off by him as well because she has no idea who he is that is until she runs right into him. He of course thinks she is a carnival quick draw artist. Well, hate to break it to him, but she is he real deal, though she managed to grab his drivers license so she has a name now.

He heads off into a bar and trying to get some information claiming to be from the mining town of Liverpool. He could be for all we know. Turns out someone heard knocking and when Constantine manages to get that information he goes running off to the tunnel to check it out. In his line of work they very well could have opened a gate to hell after all. After making a nice distraction our hero goes into the mine and gets followed by something nasty moving beneath the rocks he of course pokes whatever it is and knocks on the wall only to get tumbled around, but he gets out and takes a frozen dinner meal to the gathering after the funeral. He sneaks into the family only area and gets some sludge out of the shower head.

When the wife catches him she tells him a story and then of course comes onto him. Constantine lets her down as nicely as he can as she then chases him right out the front door. Of course, as she chases him, then the big burly kids chase him as well. He manages to fight back, but still gets bloodied and there is more arguing back and forth. The hits keep coming when he gets back to his hotel room the woman who draws the pictures is there. She gives him his wallet back minus the money. Finally, after some talking and him trying to shove her out again, she grabs onto him and gives him a bit of a reading, then he tries to put her through her paces to see if she is the real deal. He uses her by putting some of the sludge in her hand and she ends up feeling like she has been burned alive like the man who was. Constantine gets her to come too and asks what else she saw. He says they will find and do stuff together after he changes but he leaves through the bathroom window. Squirrely one he is.

Down at the church he finds some kids being naughty and having sex one of the of pews. He gets a little bit of a story from the kids about a man before chasing them off and doing some of his blood magic. He calls the beast forward and is able to see it for a time.

When Zed goes home, she finds Constantine asleep on her couch and she is trying to kick him out when he says he was really just trying to verify what he gave her. Turns out, of course she was the real deal. They have some more banter about who she is and how she travels a lot. He gives her a run down of how nasty the work he does is and invites her to come on if he can handle it. Just when she says she is not going anywhere a siren goes off, there was a mine collapse.

Constantine gets a report from a miner that there was knocking before it all came down and he is off to see more about what is happening leaving Zed behind. He says they have to shut down the mine or else and that’s when the car locks and the sludge starts filling up the car. As the car fills and they can’t do anything about it hands grab and start killing them. Luckily Zed manages to break the door open and get them out but only Constantine comes out alive. It turns out the knocking is a warning to the miners, a warning that they need to get away from the mine. Interesting, but fun to know about it.

The pair head into a bar and Constantine works on getting her to hold her vision and learn how to use it better. It is working she is in a waterfall with a campground and a chair sitting outside the tent. They get some information and with a broom to ward off evil they go on looking for the man and find him. When Constantine starts saying his words in Latin the pastor says it with him. He may have gotten this one wrong, though he might not. The ex-Pastor points out the men killed above ground aren’t the miners, but the bosses above ground and that is how someone is taking those guys out. Well, off to do some spray painting.

The one boss left goes with his Son down into the mine and the son is nervous. Rightfully so because right in front of them after being told not to start a nasty thing attacks them. Zed and Constantine arrive with the paint and he begins to do his work. Then he manages to banish the spirit after reminding it that its a protective spirit. It was not on time, however the Son is still alive, but the old man boss is dead. Constantine says they have to make sure no one else ever goes down into the mine and Zed brings the priest as he sets his plan into action. Constantine, it turns out rigged up the entire place to blow and he lets the former Pastor push the button and the whole mine is blown to bits. After that Constantine goes back to our Merry Widow.

As it turns out the Widow was the one bringing the men to the surface he gives her a chance. She is the Gypsy girl and has strong magic. She does not want to send her little friends away and of course instead sends them to kill Constantine. He of course, then summons the woman’s dead Husband to seek revenge. Well to be fair, he did warn her, she is dragged off to the underworld and everyone else goes away too. Grumpy heads back to his room and finds Zed again. More verbal banter then he decides to go to sleep and call it a night.

Another interesting episode. Perhaps not as strong as it could have been since it is a supernatural show on Halloween, but still interested enough to keep watching.

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