‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap — Katrina Is Pregnant With Moloch

We are back to Sleepy Hollow after last weeks ending with Katrina swallowing the evil. There seems to be a flash back with Crane and Katrina in bed before he has to report back to General Washington. They speak about what their children will be like until the dream morphs to the spider thing that she has swallowed and she wakes coughing and sweating.

Meanwhile Crane (with his hair still down huzzah says I) is complaining about how few people turn out to vote today. He also agrees that the country had a bad outlook before when African American’s and Women couldn’t vote, but he is proud that Abby is voting. He of course gets confused that two people are not allowed in the booth. Ah well he tried his best to give his opinion to her!

Katrina and Abraham (headless fellow) meanwhile are talking. He is trying to tell her that he is not the one who has made her sick, that he would not poison her when darling Son arrives with some other men. War and Death are going to have a show down as Henry claims that Katrina has a new purpose when he tries to save Katrina from being taken away Henry opens the windows on him and the daylight does it’s job. Starting to wonder who is the real bad guy here. He manages to get up well enough to throw his ax at one of the guys helping Henry and Katrina is able to make good her escape. Katrina makes it to some men at a gas station before collapsing.

Crane is still going on about no campaigning at the poling place and how Washington used to give a man a pint of beer, an I voted sticker seems to make him feel better however. Some fellow officers come in and tease about a redhead in full colonial getup being taken to the hospital so they head and find Katrina pale as death. With a temperature of 105 as the Doctor announces she should be worse then that! Though Katrina perks up a little when she wakes and finds Crane with her, she starts to have more pains and black veins on her stomach. When they make a run to get away Crane gets a bit flustered about the Gothic outfit they find for Katrina but the bad guys show so they have to split up. Crane with Katrina go to the archives and Abby follows the bad guys. When Katrina gives Crane some details about the notebook she saw he gets scared, it was the hellfire club. Crane is also disturbed to find out that Katrina and Abraham talk often.

Abby meanwhile finds the bad guys hide away and his able to listen to them talking about a translation on a tablet. She almost gets away when she runs into a dead body and gets their attention. While working on a getaway however she also finds what looks like a birthing chamber before escaping the bad guys. We don’t want to know what is inside Katrina I think. When Crane reads the Doctor’s notebook he finds out they have turned her into a “vessel” and she is pregnant. Crane thinks that it is Abraham there is a great deal of pressure getting to poor Crane, though reading on in the notebook he finds out how they did it and calms some. The hex that Katrina set goes off and they have to make a run away from the goons again.

Katrina is convinced that they can get Henry to undo what he has done and that she has not lost all hope for him. Crane also agrees that he is not a lost cause, it is Abby that points out he is the horseman of War and he will raise hell on earth. Crane assures Abby that he has not lost his view of the cause but that the last chance they have is to beseech Henry and so they shall. Democracy in action. Irving is used to call Henry and when he shows Henry asks what he wants that is when Crane makes his appearance. Abby meanwhile finds out that she is sure the Demon inside of Katrina is called the horrid King. While Abby reads all of this Henry is laughing and telling things to Crane as well and they turn out that the demon is Malic not just any demon. Katrina says the only way they can stop Malic is if the vessel dies first. Abby reminds her of what she did for Crane and insists they will find another way to save her.

Crane is working on Henry and they argue together. With Crane insisting that Henry should read his sin, though Henry will not touch him. When Crane uses his son’s actual name it seems like for an instant he will change but he doesn’t no he says that he chooses Malic. That is when Crane grabs his hand but ends up pulling it away when he sees his Son running and screaming.

Even after all of that Katrina as she is dieing tells Crane she does not want him to give up on Henry even if she dies. Crane has shaken faith but she moves to rally him to not give up on their Son. After seeing a picture Crane declares he must internet right away and he gets annoyed by dial up. Hey we feel you Crane we feel you dial up is terrible! When it connects he finds out that the Northern lights can get the demon away and kill it. There was a crystal made that can have the same effect they must simply get it.

Abby goes and gets the Sheriff in hope that she will help she gives her the big scary truth, or a form of it. All about a doomsday cult. Well done on them for being creative and they end up getting the support they need with a tactical team. They make the bust and find the case that the tablet is hidden in, takes Crane tries three codes to get it open and the irony is that it is 666 which does the trick. They get the tablet and while making a run for it get called out by the new Sheriff. She however compliments Abby and Crane too. Time has run out as they run back to the church because baby Demon is coming. They manage to get there just in the nick of time but so does a nasty wind. Crane breaks the tablet and gets the Prism and there in the special church just before it all goes to the end he manages to get rid of Malic the baby, but Katrina is not breathing. Crane has taken some CPR courses since the drowning because he gives her CPR and saves her life.

Even given everything that has gone on Crane still has some faith in his Son. Abby has none of course but a Father has to want to save is Son right? They stopped Malic so the day ends up being a win, the only question now is when will Abraham come looking for Katrina or will she go back willingly? The bad news is our boy Henry has caught something else in a jar.

Not the strongest episode this week but still enjoyable. As much as I enjoy Crane and his commitment to his Wife I wish they would find a way to either keep her with him or kill her off. Might be a little hash but the focus shouldn’t be as split as it sometimes gets.

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