The Blacklist Episode 7 Recap: ‘The Scimitar’

We have some great music to kick off this week’s black list and we find ourselves in the heart of Dubai ready to dance. Or perhaps not, Red’s agent is at the bar having a drink when a man approaches, she looks like she is undercover to begin the week and someone took the bait without a second though and they head right off to her hotel room. Not too long after the man drops from the hotel room and onto a car. So much for him.

Meanwhile, Lizzie is trying to get more information from Tom. He says that he can’t do anything else from where he is locked up, she keeps demanding a name. He tries to play her with the happy anniversary card and then tries the I am going to freeze to death down here card. Then he finally gives her a name of the arms dealer and then she gives him the blanket. Red’s agent and Lizzie then head on to some old shop for a meeting with Red. Turns out Red knows exactly what happened and who did it, she won’t comment on it of course. During the meeting however he gives them some information that the people they acted against has hired an Assassin to kill back.

The team goes to work on things like they usually do and run into a problem with the DOD. There is one asset that they can’t pull back. Lizzie meanwhile corners Ressler about his drug use and claims that he last used a week ago and he can take care of it without her help. Addicts always say that, don’t they? Lizzie, however gets a text and heads off to answer the message. Down at the pier her man is there and it turns out that zebra mussels are a random inspection and either the boat or Tom will have to be moved. She brought warmer clothing to Tom, aw how sweet. He continues to press her about keeping her word and she repeats she will do nothing else until he helps her get Berlin. Lizzie is a bit of a bad ass this season.

She goes to meet with the arms dealer and tells him that he is on the most wanted list because he won’t hand over Berlin. The pressure she gives is enough to get the information that she wants while Lizzie brings the information to Red and he is onto her. He points out that she would rather see Berlin dead, then arrested, Red says he thinks Tom might be her source if he didn’t know he was dead. Though the way he says it makes us think that yeah, he doesn’t believe her. Lizzie Red is a very smart cookie do not underestimate him.

The team, meanwhile moves in and make a bust. They do not find any people on the bust but instead they get information on the man that they were watching. The FBI Team makes a run to beat the bad guys and while they get there the other guys start shooting. They get their target away from the area without damage, but they throw a flash bang right into the car that is being driven and it flips, bad. Lizzie wakes up in a hospital room with Ressler to the news from the Doctor that there was no one else in the car. The team in the meantime is following up on all the information and reports they are getting which is not much. Lizzie calls and tells them what happened and repeats they need to get the scientist on lock down now.

There is some odd smuts on Lizzie’s hands and what is worse is that there is no department employee by that name and the team finds out there is no report of anyone being taken in to Bethesda. Lizzie is however getting suspicious all on her own and checks the charts on Ressler a great deal of it being blank. She manages to steal some scissors from the nurse and goes about cutting off her cast. Red in the meantime is having a nice meal with his Daughter even though she doesn’t know who he is. He waxes a little nostalgic. Although as they talk it turns out Red drugged the wine and she begins to feel faint. He assures her that he will not hurt her.

The team has found out that everything is a con that has been done to get what they want. When :Lizzie gets her cast off she also pulls some pins out of her arm, which as it turns out is not even broken at all. The bad news is they are trying to kill Lizzie and Ressler, Lizzie is faster than the nurse Lady however, and gives her the sedative before going to try to rouse Ressler. Red’s Agent hangs up on the team and calls Dembe about the situation which sends Red on the alert. Red is coming to the rescue while Ressler and Lizzie try to get out of a warehouse that was made to look like a hospital.

Red’s way of rescue this week involves hitting golf balls into a mans house as he gets a massage. After some very well placed pressure they get the information they want. Turns out as usual Red and company were right on who had what information so now it is a race against time. The FBI team arrives just in time to save Lizzie and Ressler.

The bad news is the bad guy gets to the Professor. This turns things into an all out man hunt. Lizzie sees a man with a spider tattoo, however wheeling luggage and stops him. She is a clever girl our Lizzie. However the bad guy had planned for that and his wheelmen roll up in a good old fashioned drive by. What they don’t get away with however is the Professor, so that is one win. When the bad guy goes back to find a full package of escape, he finds Red sitting and waiting and Dembe with a gun. Red calls his agent and hands over the man who killed her Brother. It is her choice on what she does with the man, kill him, call people in or anything she selects. What a nice gift Red.

He of course leaves as Lizzie called, or so that is what is reported. Red’s agent did indeed kill the man Red gave to her as a gift. Ressler flushes his pills down the drain. While Lizzie heads on down to visit Tom again. After an interesting speech Tom asks her to look him in the eyes when she kills him as he knew he would not see the light of day. Red goes to meet with Berlin fedora on his head and he tells Berlin that he did not kill his Daughter on his life he did not. That is when Red brings the girl we thought was his Daughter out turns out she is Berlin’s Daughter. Well, now doesn’t that just change the game!

Another epic episode of The Black List and it makes us wonder again, who is Lizzie to Red. Will they ever tell us? Either way this was a great episode and a solid win.

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