The Letter for the King Release Date: Is an Adventurous and Intrigued Dutch

The Letter for the King Official Teaser-2019

The Letter for the King” is an adventurous and intrigued Dutch-based novel, originally written by Tonke Dragt and first published in the Netherlands in the year 1962. Then the novel is translated in English by Laura Watkinson and also other 24 languages. And sold all over the world by Pushkin press. The Letter for the king is the Dutch book adaption, just finished their shooting in New Zealand and moved to Prague. Netflix will stream this series globally in early 2019.

The Letter for the King Official Teaser-2019


The Letter for the king”, expected to deserve 8 stars out of 10. The fans of the medieval and adventurous novel are waiting for the series to stream.

The Letter for the King – Story Feature

The series concept depends on the novel, though the novel is set to three kingdoms, two is of well – ordered, idealized and beautiful and the other one kingdom is disturbed and threatens the peace and plenty of the above two kingdoms and all the three pervades a deep sense of Christian faith.

Tiuri, a 16-year-old squire, who likes to undergo the journey for the pilgrimage. He often wonders and begins his quest in ragged clothes, without weapon and horse. At this stage, he takes off his robes and disguises as monks. The whole concept is novel is, Tiuri has spiritual quality in him; it is the whole test of his virtue and valour.

The Letter for the King Official Teaser

The twist began, when Tiuri and his friends sitting in church, the last night before he takes charge of his knighthoods. An unknown mysterious person taps the church door and asks for a favor “a matter of life and death”.  He accepts it with a reluctant, that consists of delivering a letter to the Black Knight with the white shield, which contains an utmost important matter, and he said he can do it by dawn himself. By the morning the Black knight is slain. Tiuri himself take the task of the Black knight and travels through the mountains, forest and down rivers.

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On this journey, Tiuri and his friends discover how much it takes to become a true Knight and how much the broken adult word needs them to fix it.

“The Letter for the King” delivers the beautiful message at the end and the story is constructed in a way that everyone loves. In the end, Tiuri a story about a man who chased a rainbow, then realized that the matter was not the rainbow itself but the search. The hero Tiuri search is gripping and true.

The Letter for the King – Story Casting

“The Letter for the King” star cast is as follows. Amir Wilson plays the Tiuri, the hero of the series. Jabroot, Arman, Ristridin, Foldo, Knight 2, Prince Viridian, Queen Alianor, Sir Fantumar, Jaro, Iona,  Knight roles are perfectly played by Tawfeek Barhom, IslamBouakkaz, Ken Nwosu, Jack Barton, James Beaumont, Gijs Blom, Emilie Cocquerel, Omid Djalilli, Peter Fernando, Thaddea Graham and Tom Lawerence respectively.

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