Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 4 Recap: “Face My Enemy”

Agents of Shields is back and we open up in Miami, Florida with a bunch of priests and a burned out church. The only item in the church that survived is a painting of Mary and Jesus and the guy who arrived said that things need to be verified. On the back of the painting that survived is some of the weird drawings that we have seen before.

While on South Beach a couple is getting smoochy and our new guy steals something from the girl’s purse and hands it off to Shield on a scooter, not even kidding. They hack in for some tickets to a big shindig and we see our favorite Agent Phil and Agent May all dressed up and getting out of the car. May wants flats, but hey she looks smashing in the dress she is in. They seamlessly get into the party after showing some fake ID. There is chat about a painting, we can assume they will be looking at the miracle painting and they will be stealing it. The agents all get shocked when suddenly they hear May laughing.

Phil puts the comes on silent and takes May out to the dance floor for a spin, they are both very good dancers. It is always fun to see Phil and May work together, but then May brings up a major hand tremor that was going on and the op is revealed not to be a standard op. Then they see the military Talbot, who could blow their cover, got to love when that happens. Phil heads over to chat with him though and they have a little chat, it looks like the General is going to leave the operation alone for now so lets hope it stays that way.

The team is having some banter about marriage and divorce and then Phil comes back online and tells them that he is calling an audible. They are going in for the painting now. We cut to May flirting her rear end off with Mr. Soto and she ends up getting a picture. Talbot in the meantime is pointing them out to some security thugs so they move for it and fast, Phil punches a guy out, which is fun and the picture he took turns out to be a retina scanner so they get into an elevator and Phil comments how much he likes the dress on May. Then they run into laser grids and Phil is getting ready to do something fancy and May just walks through reminding him that the bad guys already know they are there. Talbot took the painting as it turns out so no painting in the storage room. Of course Talbot is working for Hydra. Lovely. This writer is getting a little tired of hail Hydra, can Loki show up and blow them up now?

Escape is looking hairy for the team and May is ignoring Phil and his talk for a back up plan on the way out they run into Talbot and he wants the help from Shield. May does not like it when Phil goes ahead and easily agrees to help after the guy leaves, however back to business however, and May heads off to find out what is going on.

The team on the plane is bonding and Fitz is still having his not really there talking friend. While May heads on down and sees some files that the military has then of course she sees the Hydra logo and gets into it. She is winning the fight when she takes off one of the face masks we saw on Captain American 2 turns out it is not actually the general whew! Then may gets shocked badly and they dress the female agent up to be May. Bad news bears.

While Fitz is having trouble and going on about the problem about bonding with the team. They turned his lab into a garage and gave him a new lab and that bothers him a great deal. He is still having problems with stuttering and talking and that makes it hard for him. May arrives and Fitz seems to be looking at him curiously, suspicious even maybe? Everyone seems a bit eyebrow arched about her, but no one says anything. Fake May gets Phil ready to go and plops some nasty thing on the plane. While real May wakes up in the hotel room. When the Hydra guy asks where Shield is based she says currently about 5 feet from kicking his ass. He assures her, she will comply and it’s all about the electric with them.
Fake May and Phil are talking about the other plan and things seem to be going well. The bad news is he of course mentions being the Director so now a Hydra Agent knows that Phil is the director of Shield. Back on the plane the power has a fit and then it locks up like a tank and Fitz is showing them what happened with the sabotaging. Phil lures fake May out by saying lets go get that promised cup of coffee from all those years back and Fake may agrees so he decks her. Apparently May hates coffee. Then our friendly male Hydra guy turns his back and real May gets loose, well he is in trouble now. Real May comes out in the hall and the two of them face off, leaving Phil to exclaim he can’t believe he is the only one seeing this right now, but other guy runs off with the painting so he has to go after him.

The rest of the team is still having issues with the plane and it might blow up. Phil shoots the runaway and May vs. May is going well as the Hydra agent used to be shield, but real May assures the woman that she does not know all of her moves. On the plane Fitz manages to get the plane fixed using the other team members hands and it is kept from blowing up.

Real May finally beats her fake self up and Phil comes running in and says we gotta go, they make the exit right as the Hydra back up team arrives. Go Shield! Down with Hydra. While back on the plane new guy is offering Fitz a beer and he wants to turn it down, but in the end he takes it and so starts the bonding again. He starts in with an Ex story like the others were sharing and first it gets some confused faces, but then they bond, because Fitz was able to get a whole sentence out without stuttering.

Skye is still digging for more information about the operation, but says she is up to nothing. While Phil gets on the Skype style chat with the real Talbot or it appears to be him and he demands the painting and more Hydra stuff. Phil tells him that the painting was ruined in the fight. After Phil hangs up on him, they go over the bad news. Painting is real and old, but the writing is new means someone like Phil is out there making carvings. Phil finally corners May about the plan and she says that she will never shoot Phil in the head, never but she will get him out. She has money and a passport all planned. Her plan is to send him to a cabin in Australia because he likes Kangaroos. Phil then says she has to forget all of that and kill him as ordered. Finally, with a slight nod, she agrees.

To end Hydra guy corners the woman who stole the obelisk and tells her after much nasty Hydra stuff she has 48 hours to bring it back to him. I love Agents of Shield, but seriously can we have Loki take Hydra out now? PLEASE?

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