‘Gotham’ Episode 10 Midseason Finale Recap: An Exceptional Disappointment – “LoveCraft”

While some shows have already gone into winter hiatus Gotham is ready to give us what we want for entertainment and we open with a stranger coming to Wayne Manor. When the gardener tries to get her to go somewhere else she kills him and has him opened up so she can smear the blood on her face.

While in the house Bruce is walking on high up banisters and about to fall when Cat shows up and tells him where to keep it tight and it steadies him. She also suggests a place they can go for testing and when they talk about his parents after a bit Cat asks if she wants to kiss him. This leads into a conversation that she may have another motive. It also leads to Bruce saying she does not seem very nice, not that she isn’t good just not very nice.

After this there is a ding at the door and Alfred opens the door to find out Lady pretending to be hurt. When she gets a crazed look on her face Alfred tells the kids to run and he opens up some whoop ass on the intruders. He is numbered out, of course, but hey his Younger Alfred is pretty bad ass and he knows how to deal out a hurting. He even ends up getting shot in the shoulder, but keeps hitting the intruders. By the time he gets out to the woods, though the kids have run off good and far.

Alfred of course calls Gordon in and when they try to bandage Alfred up, he tells them to shove off. It is after Harvey checks the dead guy that Alfred took care of they found simply a picture of Cat. The assassins were clearly there for her. Of course Gordon and Harvey start arguing and Alfred yells at them telling them they can argue later the only thing they need to focus on is finding Bruce. Alfred says he is going with Harvey, who says alright, you’re pretty handy for a Valet, his only reply to that is Butler mate I am a butler.

Oswald has some answers to give to Falcon about the money. He is clearly very upset at Oswald thinking it was Maroni and him who did the money, but we know exactly who it was. It is about then that the sweet little girl enters, then backs out fast and Oswald points out that he has a mole. From there he points out who it would be, the downside is Falcon thinks that it is Oswald’s hatred of her that has him naming her, but of course it is actually Fish. Oswald also tells Falcon that he will find the mole for him it is the dirty work. Falcon wants proof that it is Fish. While out in the car Oswald says that the girl is a time bomb which is why he did not turn her in yet.

Gordon, meanwhile is having a tough time with Dent. He thinks that the children being come after being a win. Gordon is really angry and it turns out, of course that Dent leaked out Gordon name to a few people, he does his good boy routine and mea culpa my fault here and there. The good news is he is willing to share information to try to help the kids. From there we see Alfred and Harvey with a kid who is Cat’s friend. The tough cop routine is not working out very well, but Alfred pulls out 100 bucks and the kid starts talking money talks. Alfred pops out another 100 bucks to the kid and they get Fish’s name as the fence.

Fish is having a bad day along with the other people who have been clearly invited to a meal. A man is killed in the bowl of food and Falcon starts going off about the armory. They find out that their tariffs will all now increase 20% until he reserves are built up again. It is all about the family. Fish says that we are all family, we sink or swim together. Oh, if only he knew who it really was that harmed him. Fresh food is brought with the dead guy still staying at the table.

While on the street Bruce is trying to call to find out how Alfred is and Cat gives him a coin then admits the people were after her. She then decides she is going. While Bruce does not understand her reasoning he is concerned for her and trying to get her to come back with him. It turns out to be testifying. Cat says that was never going to happen and makes a run for it. Bruce however, follows her. We are certainly seeing some of what brings him into being batman here. When she jumps across a roof top though he is scared at first, but then he tests himself. She worry’s saying he won’t make it. He does just barely she keeps him from falling however. He asks her to please not run off again he is out of breath. She agrees to stay and when she says it is her world, her rules he says yes ma’am.

Fish has to keep her man in line and manages to. That is when Harvey and Alfred arrive. Once again Harvey has his tactics not working, but Alfred starts a story and then knocks down the man and threatens to knife him. Alfred is clearly having a bad day. The good news is that Fish hears the commotion and comes on down, she knows exactly what is going on with Cat. Alfred brings out his best manners with Fish trying to get her help. He even appeals to her honor and compassion and the flirty way he does it bodes well she says she will make some calls but he should remember the kindness.

Bruce is having some trouble with another street kid named Ivy. He has changed his clothes and it is a good look on him. Cat manages to pull Bruce away from Ivy, this Ivy has red hair and is a bit troubled. I suspect this is poison Ivy.

While Gordon goes and gets himself caught up in things again the professional hit men arrive again. The Lady says she has come for that man and he need not get hurt, well Gordon does not seem to take her word for it of course and makes a move. It works out well for him until the sleepy time girl gets her hands on him and puts the sleeper hold on him. At least the guy made a run for it and might have a chance of being free. Gordon wakes up to his phone ringing and Harvey has information on the kids while Fish is talking sweet with Alfred. When he hangs up, he finds Lovecraft dead, the assassin did their job and they did it with his gun.

Cat heads down to her fence with some stuff she stole from Wayne Manor. He of course is not willing to give her the money she wants for it and when she tries to go elsewhere they threaten Bruce. Looks like they are in with the assassins because he holds them and here come the killers. They pay the fence off, of course, and he hands the keys to the killers. The good news is the kids are working on a way out of where they have been held. It isn’t ideal, but it is better than nothing for a plan. They manage to get the window open, but the assassins show up. Cat takes one out, but the woman is still coming. The bright side of that is Alfred and Harvey arrive, Alfred of course goes in he is going to find Bruce.

Gordon arrives and saves Harvey’s life which works out well for their partnership. Bruce is about to get shot by the assassin, but apparently since he is not on the contract she won’t hurt him. He says that Cat is gone which is true, she slipped out the window. The woman leaves and Alfred finds Bruce. It leads to some adorable chit chat about how are you which leads to a major hug between the two. Their bond in this show is great.

The Mayor is angry and has a great deal of going through about how bad it is that Lovecraft is dead. Apparently he also says that Gordon will be going down as a scapegoat. When the Mayor says you don’t know where the edge is to Gordon, he tells him to kiss his ass. Well done, Gordon! Sadly, as the scapegoat, he finds himself being made into a security guard at Arkham. For Bruce it is a good day Cat shows back up. Not only does she come to say goodbye, but she returns the stuff that she stole from him, all but for a silver box and she kisses him goodbye before Alfred shows up.

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