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Sleepy Hollow is gearing up and giving us a two part fall finale for the show. We open this week on Crane seeming very focused and asking, who am I. Turns out they are playing the old fun game where you have names stuck to your head on their smart phones. Crane got George Washington and Abby has Cher.

When Abby gives him, the I cannot tell a lie hint he guesses the wooden puppet boy. When he looks he says Washington was our liar in chief. After he looks he hears Katrina. She used the mirror much like Abraham did to contact Crane and informs him about Malic and the rate of which he matures. Henry then uses the mirror to listen in. The pair finally are able to crack the code they have been trying to and it turns out the weapon they are looking for is Enoch’s sword. Bad news is the new Sheriff is now setting up checkpoints to try to catch Irving while Jenny is trying to get him to Canada.

The famous join or die drawing turns out to look just like a river that is marked on a map. This is possibly where Enoch’s sword is going to be hidden. Turns out Franklin was likely letting all free masons know about the sword’s location. Unfortunately for them know Henry knows about what they are looking for and even worse, Abraham knew that Katrina was using the mirror which is how Henry was able to look as well. Henry then commands Abraham to follow them and stop them from getting the sword.

Katrina tries to distract him from his task. That is when Abraham lets her know that he knows what she has been up to and when he comes back with his new treasure they will celebrate. That is some bad news for Crane and company. Jenny and Irving run right into a checkpoint and she wants to keep him in the back, but he insists on jumping out, they will meet up again and she will get them to Canada.

Crane and Abby are in the woods looking for the sword when Abby notices the place they are at was in her dreams. Of course, no sooner than they arrive so does our dark horseman and his ax. They manage to hide from him for now, but he is also going straight to the sword. Abby acts rashly, not listening when Crane says to have patience and heads off only to end up alerting Headless to her presence, he is about to come upon her and shoot when Crane shouts out his real name and he takes off after Crane instead and then the sun comes up. That works out badly for Headless but Crane says a cheery good morning sunshine.

Abby wants to know how he knew when the sun was coming up and he comments that it was her weather app that she put on his phone. Well, this writer thinks it is pretty adorable that he is getting a bit happier with modern things. Crane makes sure to let Abby know that whomever he is now it is because of Abraham. We are treated to a lovely flashback of the two as friends, fencing and Abraham try to get him to go to America. While telling Abby about how he must know himself more he continues to give the information and just how much Abraham influenced him. The next flash back is in the new world with more chatting and with Crane picks up the tab and running into Katrina. This is now when Crane chose to fight for the new world. Back in the modern world Crane is struggling on how he can know himself when others influenced him at every turn.

The clue that Headless stole luckily Abby saw and it turns out to be the snake that is eating itself. Crane waxes very poetic and Abby points out it could be literal and of course it turns out to be so they start digging and looking right below them. A very dusty and going far below stairwell is revealed to them. They find a bunch of stone protectors when they get there, anyone else getting the feeling of Medusa? Right about that time they show us a glimpse of someone for a moment. Then back to looking at the statues and Crane is the one to pick up that these are real people turned to stone and says they need to leave now. They manage to run out without looking back and yup he goes about the gorgon.

Abby has a bit of a meltdown, but Crane reminds her to stay steady and they will face their fears together. That is when Abby has the idea that maybe someone with no eyes can look at the beast. Looks like they want headless to do their work for them. Meanwhile, Irving won’t run and hide he leaves Jenny the message that he is going to go underground and fight.

Back in the home Henry is going on about the holy horn that made walls fall and people tremble. Henry also found the posion and once again he is more than happy to gloat and press Katrina. She is luckily not taking the bait for the most part and standing against him. While she tries to convince him that he was born human he says that he always denies it. Then he lifts an illusion from around her.

When the sun sets Crane is happy to point out he made torches. That he used his socks and soaked them in pitch and such, but Abby brought flares. Then basically they wait for Abraham to show up and make a big show out of making sure he sees them as suspected he follows them and on the way he hacks the head off one of the stone people. Unfortunate, but it’s working out for them and Crane is watching on his phone to see what is going on, Abby chirps don’t tell me you are trying to take a selfie with a gorgon. The torches also come in handy because Abby ran out of flares.

Bad news is when they get to the room with swords there is a whole bunch of them. Abby has to pick the right one and it may be a test she might only get one chance. Crane goes to face whoever the victor in battle is and as he gets there headless hacks off the gorgons head. Abraham calls out to him and Crane can see his face for once. Abraham is ready to just shoot him, but Crane manages to fancy talk his way into a duel for honor. Seems that Abraham thinks Crane forced his way onto the path to the new world. That he was supposed to be the hero, not the villain. Crane reminds him that he is the one who chose death and Malic.

When Abby finally chooses a sword the one she is holding and all of the others turn into snakes. The snakes all run away and Abraham comes in more then happy to shoot them both. As he is about to shoot them both the horn sounds. Abraham says we are the choices we make in the moment and he chooses who he is, the horseman of death. Once Abraham leaves Abby and Crane have a moment together and look into the vat in the center of the room. Once they touch it, they find it to be oil. When Crane puts his torch in it goes out, but when they do it together the oil burns and reveals the hilt of a sword. From it they pull a sword that seems to glow with its own holy light. Crane declares that Malic shall not rise.

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