Constantine Series Premiere Recap & Review: “make em nice and tight love”

Tonight, NBC launched a new series called Constantine that is ready to take on and hopefully improve upon the 2005 movie based on the DC comics verse. We open with the asylum in Northern England with a man getting electroshock therapy.

The first line of the series is, make em nice and tight love. John sent himself into the asylum voluntarily as he said in his line of work there are some days that you need to forget but some you never will. From there we find out that John saw a girl die, it was not his fault and it was a demon who killed her. A foul creature. Of course the Doctor thinks that he is just being descriptive in his terms.

John gets very angry when the Doctor does not use the girls name her name is Astra and she is apparently damned to hell. Bit of an angry start, but interesting none the less. Group therapy seems to bore him to death and in his boredom, he starts following some bugs that are going down the hall in a formation, no kidding bunches of nasty bugs all going to the same spot.

When he arrives there is a nutty looking woman painting surrounded by the bugs she is clearly possessed. When John first tries to walk away saying it is not his problem, but then he goes about his work because he can’t seem to let it go. After some very explosive tricks taken on by the demon, paint and glass flying everywhere the woman comes back to herself. The spirit gave him a message and he has work to do so he heads off.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta the name on the wall turns out to be a woman working. When Liv goes to leave her office an object is detected by her car’s high tech backup device, though there is nothing in the camera. When she gets out the car moves on its own, then shuts off and then all of the lights around her start to do the same. That is when things hit the fan and the parking lot starts to crack apart and cave in complete with a fiery explosion. John shows up in a taxi cab and manages to be a smart ass while being held at mace point. He gives her his card and suggests she call if she wants to live and when she says Master of the Dark Arts he dryly says I am getting new ones made.

John heads off into the big pit that was created by the explosion and such when suddenly a guy with wings shows up. He is clearly an angel, and John of course states as much and tells him to flap off. There is some cryptic speak about something being on the way, but when the cop cars start the angel heads out. Liv manages to get a ride home, but she is still very clearly being followed. When she goes home and opens her second fortune cookie of the night (first one was blank) this one says trust him. Just in time for the electric to go nuts in the building again. Looks like John has been at work however because when a presence tries to get into her room its clear there is a circle and a marking on her door to keep her safe. The presentation, however went next door and killed the person who gave her a ride home instead. To be fair John did try to warn her.

The worst of the worst as the bus drives off with the dead body is starts flipping out. Literally struggling and flailing and trying to get out of the body bag. When the poor guy goes back to see what is going on the body sits up and scares him before knocking the electric out and then for his trouble he gets killed.

Next morning when Liv arrives in a police car to work John is waiting for her with a taxi and his friend. His friend it turns out was the one who carved the eye of Horus into her door. Turns out John knew the girls Father, and he promised to look out for life. Just as he shares something from her Father the van barrels through the workplace and would have killed her had she been sitting there and not talking to John.

The item in the bag turns out to have been a pendant and when Liv again runs into John he touches her while she is holding the pendant and the world gets crazy. Turns out it helps her to see trapped souls and it is only Liv that can see them John does not but he knows what she is seeing. A train starts coming to them and John will not release her, the train runs through them. Seems to be the train of legend and it brings them back to the real world.

When the trio is off and trying to escape from things they get barreled into thanks to the big nasty. John meantime seems to have some sort of flashback to when Astra was taken from him by the demon and he was thrown from the car when he comes awake. He manages to get the live wire, then came down thanks to the demon to back off and gets Liv out, but when his friend is coming towards them it spears him.

John and live go to a home in the woods and it’s a rather impressive one. After some talk John says he has an idea to take care of the demon which he has now given a name but he needs to use bait. John runs into the angel again, who slows down time just to be able to talk to John. Turns out the angels are the ones who damned John to hell. So we are getting more of the information as we go along, the angel leaves and John goes on to a squirelly man named Richards place.

When John goes back to the house with clothing and food for Liv, she gets scared by Chaz. Turns out he isn’t dead. Our man John bribes a guard to use a roof and claims it’s for naughty reasons. Meanwhile, he paints a demon circle and it is time to wait for the demon.

The demon kills the guard and he enters the demon circle. After the first attack the demon takes on the look of our boy John in a Zombie look and has some harsh words for him about souls and wanting them. It is then that John has his friend turn off all the electric in the city and lights the outside of the circle on fire. The demon then plays a trick claiming he has Astra and will release her soul if John gives up Liv. He is going to do it, but Liv sees through it and tells him to stop. Then John goes about his job and banishes both of them away even though he is in tears. The effort leaves him upset and breathless but it worked.

When Johns sends Liv to go home with Richard they are going past Edgewood a place that came up with a map when Liv Scryed came up and turns out it was a boy who has been shot. It seemed to be to much for Liv, she spent an hour blood marking a map, but then took her stuff and gave Chaz the pendant and hit the road. Turns out John planned to scare her off and the angel boy did not appreciate that much at all. The episode ends with John heads off and doing what he does, while a woman somewhere is drawing a lot of pictures of him doing those things.

All in all an interesting start to a new show. It certainly makes you curious to watch the rest. Might not be the strongest start, but it is a start and should encourage watchers to keep watching.

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