Sleepy Hollow Episode 5 Recap

Icabod has gotten smart he hired himself a seamstress and he is ever so polite with her. Looks like he told her he was going to the battle of Saratoga.

Great way to get him some nice fresh clothes and repair his missing buttons without seeming overly odd. Seeing Icabod in modern clothing for a few minutes last season was odd. He belongs in his natural clothing. Turns out not only did she make him clothing of the time, but its cloth that is period it was woven on a Saxon loom. The lovely seamstress also churned him butter and made him some preserves.

Someone is flirting with Mr. Crane. She goes as far as to say that she has never found a man who is so dedicated to the colonial reenactment and that it is very attractive. See Icabod she is flirting. He very nicely starts backing away from her advances and says nicely that he is a married man. Abby chooses that time to arrive and there is some amusing foot and mouth going on.

Katrina is brought into this episode making something in a mortar and looking very worried about it. A letter to Icabod is written and she manages to get a bird to come to her using her witches powers and sends it to deliver the message. The horseman arrives then and he is in a grumpy mood but tells her about the fact her only chance to survive the coming end of days it to join him and be his Queen. Our man goes to check in with the Horseman of war and talk about making sure that Katrina can’t use her witchcraft. They seem to be working to different purposes, however because darling little boy wants to cause parents more pain than the horseman does. He then goes into sin eater mode to try and find something to use against her.

Meanwhile a couple is making out and finds some creepy shadow thing attacking their car so they high tail it out of there. Yikes! But any Sleepy Hollow watcher knows something bigger is afoot. Crane and Abby are having some fun banter while sitting outside of a home about how he should send a text and he thinks a missive done by thumbs is not good enough. The short of it is that he wants to apologize properly to Ms. Caroline for hurting her feelings. He does get out of the car and go and give her a wonderful and heartfelt apology. He even admits that he has very few friends in Sleepy Hollow and none that share his like of the colonial history. She agrees to be his friend and he even gives a formal and lovely bow to her. Both end up happy. Sadly the crying creepy ghost is now in her house as Icabod leaves and rushes Ms. Caroline. She ends up, washed up on the shore.

Come the morning Icabod arrives on the scene and he is very noticeably broken up about it. Icabod wants to help and Abby allows him. They find the mud she had and then Abby also finds tire tracks. Abby takes him to high school and they find the couple that was there, turns out the Weeping Lady is a legend that goes back to colonial times. A woman who drowned herself after her Husband was not faithful to her. Off to the library to get more information about this Lady.

While looking through the stacks, of course Icabod gets a delivery from the bird. It really seems to help boost his spirits. While Abby runs into Hawley in the library. He tries to say sorry about ditching them last week and says he will help them for free. Then Abby sees the same scary weeping that Caroline did. The monster turns around and attacks as Abby tries to shoot she is now in a hole in the floor fighting for her life. Crane manages to stick his hand in and pull her free. Icabod does not know CPR, however but Hawley does. Saving Abby ends up being a team effort.

Going through the stories they find that whatever is killing people is no a mournful spirit but something nasty and mean. Abby it turns out managed to rip a piece of the shawl off her attacker and when she gives it to Icabod he notices something. It is Scottish lace that was handmade and done in a pattern he has seen before, in fact it was made for one woman. A woman named Mary who as it turns out they were promised to one another since they were children.

A flashback shows Katrina is getting uncomfortable as well as Icabod does when Mary shows up from England. Mary wants to change his mind about fighting with the colonists. It turns out when he left London Icabod and she had an agreement together to break off the engagement. When he reminds her of this and reminds her that he cares for her as a Brother does for a Sister she starts to weep. It turns out her feelings grew deeper. Mary then gets mad about Katrina and calls her a dreadful witch.

A very angry Mary says that she expects Icabod to show up at the inn by morning with her bags packed and ready to go. Turns out the next day he got a letter she said she was sorry and released her. Turns out Mary might be the one who has been haunting Sleepy Hollow she could possibly be a literal green eyed monster.

The downside about all of this is that now Icabod lost his letter into the water portal so now she can get to Katrina. Icabod and Abby go down to try to get the favor from Hawley. It takes some doing because he feels they are even given the whole life saving CPR. He does end up giving them a crossbow that was reportedly owned by, wait for it Van Helsing. The bolt is what could possibly get them what they need it is solid iron with a dip that has greek fire and venom in it. Good that they arrive when they do because Mary arrives to kill Katrina and the horseman takes off in a big hurry. Time to hunt them a spirit. When they get into the house the weeping Lady took Katrina and left the letter so we know why the Horseman took off.

Katrina is able to use her powers to get seaweed to help her get free from the water. It does not take long for the creature to come after her again. Katrina is able to tell Icabod that she was raised by dark magic and the only way to send her back is by also doing dark magic but with an anchor being used. Abby is going to help and act as the anchor even though she is not a witch while Icabod tries to keep Mary busy. He does not want to but he ends up shooting her with the bolt it lights her on fire for a moment, but then she takes off through him making him wet and to the ladies.

The good news is that the spell being cast worked and Mary will now be able to leave the earthly plane. Icabod has a touching moment with her holding her as she goes. Icabod asks what happened to her and then Mary turns and points to Katrina and then dies. Katrina looks very nervous when Icabod asks her why and says there is something she is not telling him. Katrina knows what happened to Mary and Icabod wants to know the truth.

It turns out there was a confrontation between the two women. Mary was angry and yelling and accusing Katrina of many things. It was then that she fell down catching her foot on a root and fell to her death. The letter turned out to be an enchantment done by Katrina. This turns out to maybe be the straw that breaks Icabod he points out all that has been a lie in their marriage. That is when the horseman arrives. Katrina stops him from killing Icabod and says what happened then she says I am ready to go home.

Ms. Caroline has a memorial that is attended by those who do reenactment and Icabod share some kind words for her. Then talking to Abby it looks like he no longer trusts Katrina, or at least sounds like it. While Katrina tells the horseman that he must be pleased. He ends up being upset at her unhappiness and tells her that he is never happy to see her unhappy. Katrina thanks him. Malic is angry at Henry and as it turns out Katrina is part of the hellfire shards a chosen vessel. Henry ends up crying, so don’t feel bad for him.

Another great episode of Sleepy Hollow the war is getting thicker and more pieces are coming into light. As we go. It is also nice to see the headless one not so headless Neil Jackson is one of this writers favorite actors.

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