Leaked ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Video Is Absolutely

A video and set of photos have leaked ahead of tonight’s “Game of Thrones” season finale, and they hint at some huge spoilers. If you want to stay surprised, stop reading here. Or else, all men must be spoiled. What appears to be a “Previously On ‘Game of Thrones'” video that will play before tonight’s Season 5 finale has leaked online. The video was allegedly pulled from cable company German Sky’s website and uploaded to YouTube on Saturday. The video has since been taken down from the German website, but you can still watch it on YouTube (for now).

The video could very easily be fake or fan-made, especially since it hints at many plot points avid fans were already expecting to come in the season finale. (The Huffington Post could not immediately reach HBO for comment on the video.) But one part of the video reveals something no one saw coming: the possible return of Benjen Stark.

Fans will remember Benjen as Jon Snow’s uncle and Ned’s brother. We haven’t seen the First Ranger of the Night’s Watch on the HBO show since Season 1, Episode 3 when he told Jon that he was heading North of the Wall. While Benjen’s horse eventually returns to Castle Black, Benjen is nowhere to be seen. The character also disappeared in George R.R. Martin’s books, and fans have speculated endlessly where the Stark could be. Martin has also taken it upon himself to shoot down one major theory.

hile we still can’t figure out just how Benjen’s appearance will work into the finale, we know that his return (if this video is real) could most definitely break the internet — Redditor libbykino even agrees. There’s a fan theory that Benjen may know Jon Snow’s true parentage, which the series might have alluded to during Benjen’s last conversation with Jon in Season 1.

Benjen’s final words to Jon were, “We’ll speak when I return.” Fans have noted that this line is strikingly similar to what Ned told Jon in the pilot: “The next time we see each other, we’ll talk about your mother.” If Benjen somehow returns tonight, could he reveal who Jon’s real parents are?

But even if the Stark appears, he may not arrive in time to share the news. A set of leaked photos from the finale discovered by Uproxx seem to confirm what many spoiler-loving fans were expecting from tonight’s episode. We, again, advise you to stop reading right now if you don’t want it spoiled, since the photos look pretty real. (Seriously, stop reading!)

The photos, posted to Imgur, seem to confirm two major scenes fans already expected, one involving Jon and one involving Cersei, and a third photo involving Stannis’ wife Selyse. We won’t even describe them here, so view them for yourself on Imgur.

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