This Awesome Map Shows Everywhere Liam Neeson’s Has Killed Someone

“A Walk Among the Tombstones” Liam Neeson’s new movie premiered this weekend, and there are mixed reviews ranging from glowing to brutally harsh. The one thing that is consistent is all the reviews is that; It’s an action thriller, and Neeson kills some people. Killing people is something that happens a lot in his movies nowadays. Since his recent turn to action movie stardom, Neeson has racked up a truly astonishing on-screen body count.

Neeson has become the biggest action star in the world, and as such, wreaked a lot of international havoc in his movies. This awesome map from Nerdist proves just that.

The map shows the locations of all of Neeson’s movie kills. It’s pretty great and pretty staggering. “Taken” is the obvious stand out here, as he killed 31 people in that flick.

But films like “Gangs of New York” and “Darkman” have respectable body counts, too.

Check out the map of Neeson’s kills below.

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