Melbourne-Based Artist Catherine Tipping’s Hand-Stitched Portraits Show Our Complicated Relationship With The Digital Age

Melbourne-based artist Catherine Tipping has created these masterfully hand stitched portraits that reflect our complicated relationship with the digital age, portraits of people losing a bit of themselves to the digital world.

These hand stitched portraits show how we as humans have become more reliant on technology in our everyday lives. Our relationship with the digital age has become more complicated, and we find ourselves growing more accustomed to having a part of our lives that is purely digital.

Between entertainment, social media and mundane tasks like shopping or banking we’re constantly relying on technology to keep us linked in to a global digital network driven by interaction, but aren’t we losing a bit of ourselves in the process?

Catherine’s subjects are in the process of being interrupted by digital static and pixelation, like our modern minds are constantly being interrupted by the digital technology that surrounds us.





Jules Ltinylenses

Jules M find edges

mavie pinch





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