Australian artist Meredith Woolnough’s Creates Delicate Embroideries that Mimic Forms of Nature

Meredith Woolnough (@meredithwoolnough) , an Australian artist celebrates the beauty of nature in her stunning embroidery works. She uses a special sewing process to convey the intricate details of nature through delicate sculptures. “I work with a unique technique that allows me to create embroidered structures that exist without a base cloth. It’s not your typical embroidery,” explains Woolnough.

All of the artist’s pieces mimic the fragility of objects ranging from veiny leaf skeletons to the elaborate structure of coral. She first maps out the complex arrangement of her design onto a cloth and then uses a sewing machine to create the sculpted piece.

When she is finished, the base fabric dissolves in water, leaving only the artist’s beautifully detailed stitchwork. She then mounts each piece with pins onto paper, setting it slightly away from the background to create shadows and depth that add to the allure of the piece.

You can follow Woolnough on Instagram or see more of her work on Facebook. She also had an exhibition earlier this year at the Milk Factory Gallery.











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