3D Typography That Interacts With Reality By Berlin-based Swiss visual artist Cyril Vouilloz

Berlin-based Swiss visual artist and graphic designer Cyril Vouilloz (aka RYLSEE) is a creative typography enthusiast who takes the art of lettering to a new dimension by playfully interacting with his 3D renderings.

On his Instagram account, he took a picture of a sort of “project” in which he plays with typography.It overwrites an E, it opens a B, in short, a different way of showing us his talent.

Voilloz claims to be inspired by “moments of everyday life, the city, and signage [and] he is interested in expressing mundane situations and places in a satirical way.” He has shown his art work all over the world, created some amazing murals, and even done design work for Converse. Check out more of his clever creations on his website. You can also follow him on Instagram for a daily dose of awesomeness.









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