“The Blacklist” Recap – Season 2, Episode 5, ‘The Front’

Woman walking and talking on her cell phone about how everyone is going to die, how people will die. She is going to die. The person on the other end of the phone says tell me where you are and promises to come alone. Her friend is bleeding out of her ear and looks all beat up. The friend turned on her and brought a man with her. Sounds like a conspiracy, when she does not give him whatever he wants, he tries to take her purse and ends up being smashed by a Taxi, so he steals something from her purse and makes a run for it with the girl. Time to see what Red is up to this week.

Lizzie is with Red and talking about get rid of him, we can presume she is talking about the sniper again. Red knows about the incident and the taxi. He used to be a fan of the Front and it turns out the one who died was moderate then the Husband. Red is worried that Beck (the Husband) is now going to try to get the planet free of humanity this is why Red talked to Lizzie about it.

The team gets on it and find out that while the woman is dead, but not a body in the morgue. She is brain dead, but pregnancy and so being kept alive until the baby can be delivered safely. A few weird things crop up including 700 year old clay. Research is done and it gets narrowed down to a stolen painting that uses that exact kind of clay on it. Cue the cut over to the guy they are after with the painting and under UV light there is some kind of writing on it that he takes pictures of and pulls off. Interesting twist here.

Red is waiting at what could be the DMV? Red is very cranky about waiting for 45minutes and he is firing his buddy who announces that he works at the DMV, so right on about that waiting room hell. Some lover spat goes on and then Red asks what is wrong talk to him, turns out the guys Mom has cancer. You see it shows that our dear Red has a bit of a heart. After listening a bit and trying to explain that he needs to be closer to finding the girl that Glenn always has some excuse when he can’t deliver, he is told to get out. Ouch, not good dude, we know how Red is.

The team is getting closer to finding out about the painting and they find out that using thermal imaging gave them the map or writing that is under the paint. So they are pretty smart about picking up all of these things, when they find this out, however Lizzie is not with them Lizzie has an appointment with a Doctor. Turns out she has a body double there for her sniper to watch. The team in the meantime finds out that the stuff on the painting is a map to the plague not the bubonic no instead it is the mnemonic which is much more deadly. The map is supposedly useless, that is until Lilian brings the information to Red and Lizzie. The strain is supposed to be buried in a cemetery, the down side is Beck got there first. The good news is whoever was buried there was moved, but there is a marker there with Ancient Russian.

Red shows up to talk to Aram because he wants him to find a girl. While Lizzie and the Blonde wonder go looking at a church for the bones they get there and the church has already been broken into. Beck is there in a hazmat suit with two bags of nasty stuff. Lizzie falters, though she is about to shoot him after some banter when a back up man knocks her out. Big trouble coming, plagues are bad news kids!

Beck has a crew of crazy people that is a little scary, but hey Charles Manson has followers too right? They cut in the bones and get what they need and one girl is taken because it is, “time”. Ever have the feeling to reach through a TV screen and slap a random character you don’t know?

An annoyed Lizzie has a fit at Red and they argue a bit. The last statement is either you get rid of him or I do and she goes, it seems like she goes home. There is some whine and drinking ,then a strip tease for the sniper while Red calls to say she might manipulate the situation, of course she is then writers Bite me. After that though we see that it isn’t Lizzie, but her double.
Bad guy gets his woman infected and then the crap hits the fan. Hundred sick here comes the pandemic and they modified the strain genetically. Thanks to a single rat hair the team gets a lead on the shipping address and a team goes in.

Red gets a call from his DMV guy and turns out he got a hit and he found the girl that Red is looking for. He also amusingly enough has a vending machine delivered, Red really does not like broken things does he?

The nut job crew then all go and take their “medicine” the time seems to be moving very fast or not sync’d up in this episode because things are jumping around with nut jobs landing in Moscow and other far away regions all while Lizzie goes to apprehend one who is boarding a plane and was only an hour out from boarding at the time they started going for it. When they manage to apprehend him the crazy man sprays his mask of stuff all over and infects the Mossad agent and then shoots her. The Agent tries to lock Lizzie out, but she goes on to help her. Aram calls to tell Red that they have both been infected.

Lizzie and Mossad have a touching moment where Lizzie explains how she has been feeling and we possibly see her with, the Husband type. Aram then knows how to find using off the grid power thanks to Red. He has, however already found Beck and he has the redheaded woman. Well played Red, I really do love how he works and he even calls himself the snake in the grass. Red is very not happy and tells an interesting story about a Russian man who died for a cause a man who worked with Beck. Turns out that redhead and Beck already had a cure so they just gave it to themselves. Red is taking the vaccine. Red knows something that Becks doesn’t she hid something in a bottle turns out it is a skeleton key for something.

In the hospital all hooked up to the cure Lizzie is out and red puts an iPod for her a pretty song. Then he sits with her and holds her hand. We are still left wondering what the relationship is. Meanwhile a film that Red has been working for some time is finally done and it shows to be a beautiful little girl romping and playing. Beck and his redheaded woman shoot themselves instead of be arrested and Aram is sitting with Mossad agent when she wakes up and she takes his hand gently. Last shot we see is Red goes to see the woman who he had everyone find. Is it his Daughter? He never did actually say.

Bottom line another solid episode of Blacklist and maybe it is just me but I really want to know what Lizzie is hiding behind that door. I think it is Tom but could be wrong right? The story gets deeper and we still have way more questions than answers, but it is still a great show every week!

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