Full Recap of Strictly Come Dancing 2014: All the Scores and Pictures From Night 2 – It’s Still Wide Open

Night two of strictly come dancing is off and running on its regular night. Seeing as this is the normal time slot for the dance show we open the night with a fantastic number from the Strictly Professionals to the Bastille hit Pompeii. It is probably one of the best Professional numbers we have seen yet and that bodes well for the season. The new professionals have worked into the cast seamlessly and they all seem to truly be an ensemble with everyone working together, which has not always been the case at least to this watchers eye. With that done we get the introductions of the hosts, the judges and of course the celebrities. The banter is fun and playful and seems to be flowing better this year, no offense Ole Bruce but you were getting a bit too much in the end there. Onto the dancing there is 9 couples this evening and it should be interesting.

Mark Wright & Karen Hauer: A Cha Cha to ‘I’m Your Man’ by Wham! In the training room Mark and Karen seem to be having a good laugh, he is being a little lazy but Karen is making him work. They have some fun banter about Essex vs New York and Mark calls her the best teacher in the world. So let’s see how that translates to the dance floor. Mark is really having fun with it and you can see that on his face. He puts his feet in the right places and it is a pretty good Cha Cha though he might need a little more hip action. Overall it was really sassy, cheeky and fun to watch. What did the judges think? Len said that I started off very well but then he got a little to quick and he did not care for the handstand or what he called “the free willy”, Craig did not like the handstand or any of that however he did like the “free willy”. Darcy liked it overall though she warns him to watch his shoulders though she thinks he will go far and then Bruno like it overall and was happy with the entertainment value. Scores: 5,7,6,6

Alison Hammond & Aljaž Skorjanec: A Cha Cha to ‘I’m Every Woman’ by Chaka Khan. In the training room things look pretty good the dance has a Bodyguard feel and Alison is really enjoying listening to her partners direction, of course who can blame her he is pretty handsome and that is what she thinks of course. On the dance floor Alison is really having fun with the dance and getting the steps where they need to be. Another case of selling the dance and enjoying the experience of Strictly. Her steps could have been a little cleaner, but it was a great first dance. What did the judges think? Bruno loved it and thought it was a treat but thought she needed to be on the ball of her feet more, Craig also loved it and called her a natural but yes thought she was a little flat footed. While Darcy thought she was infectious and enjoyed her natural groove and Len called her big bold and bouncy and said she is fantastic at night. Scores: 6,6,7,7

Steve Backshall & Ola Jordan: A tango to ‘Born To Be Wild’ by Steppenwolf. In the training room Steve was happy to get the Tango but Ola is cracking the whip. She is self stated very strict and he is trying to take it on board as he says his brain is screaming that it is to much. He is getting the steps down slowly but surely. On the dance floor Steve certainly looks the part of a strong man and he is leading fairly well, his posture does fail sometimes but for the most part he does keep a fair frame and manage the tango well. What do the judges think? Craig thought the muscles were distracting and said he lost his frame some but overall he felt it was strong, Darcy liked his focused and the strength that he offered. Len did not think it was a triumph but he liked it overall and Bruno thought it was well done and that he lead well. Scores: 6,6,7,7

Jennifer Gibney & Tristan MacManus: A jive to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. In the training room Jennifer is getting frustrated with herself about missing the steps and Tristan thinks it’s a little funny. He is being a good and patient teacher with her though and encouraging over her with the steps. On the dance floor you can tell Jennifer has some nerves but she does get into her Jive and Tristan the new boy for strictly gives it a lot of energy with her and you are overall brought into the dance. Her kicks and flicks need to be stronger but the Jive is very hard as a first dance. What did the judges think? Darcy said she was happily exhausted and she could tell Jennifer got tired but she liked the content, Len thought there was a bit of River dance and that she did not do her kicks and flicks as sharp as they could be but he was happy overall. Bruno was impressed with all the steps that Tristan gave her and enjoyed it but wanted more presentation, Craig thought her arms were all over and she needs to be aware of them and wants her to stand better. Scores: 3,5,5,5

Tom Evans & Iveta Lukosiute: A waltz to ‘You Raise Me Up’ by Westlife. In the training room Iveta points out social media is going mad for Tom and we then get to see some of Toms own moves which are not so great. That said he is getting adjusted to the waltz and having a little trouble with the fact that when you are in proper dance hold for a waltz you do not look at your partner. On the dance floor the dance is smooth and Tom supports her well. It takes a little time to get into hold, once they do while Tom leads well he drops frame once in a while he is overall though doing well. Not a bad dance overall very pretty. What did the judges think? Len thought that it was a little careful and he liked the frame, Bruno thought it was kind and caring and that he tried very hard to get everything right. Craig feels that he let Iveta down a bit and did not like the hand shaping while Darcy wants him to stick his pecs out more but other than that she was fairly happy. Scores: 5,6,6,6

Sunetra Sarker & Brendan Cole: A tango to “Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor Doctor)” by Robert Palmer. In the training room Sunetra is having trouble mastering the steps and she does not like the pivots even falling down at one point. Brendan tells her that he will simplify things as needed but that she will get the pivots he promises. On the dance floor there is Doctor theme of course and while Sunetra seems to have some nerves she does not do bad overall. Her frame is a little week but she is trusting Brendan to lead her, which he does and she gets the pivots fairly well as well, which must be a triumph for her. What did the judges think? Bruno thought it was a firecracker of a tango and said she just needs to control her assets a little more as they go, Craig thought she had a great sense of rhythm and was not very happy with her frame. Darcy also commented on frame while in hold but she liked the dance as well, Len commented on her left arm but he really liked the dance overall as well. Scores: 5,6,6,7

Gregg Wallace & Aliona Villani: A ‘Hot N Cold’ by Katy Perry In the training room Gregg is a bit of a joker but does seem to be trying to get the steps and Aliona is making him focus on the dance. He is struggling with the name of some of the steps but he is determined and he practices at home. Took him three days but he got a lovely. On the dance floor well it was a bit all over the place and while some might enjo y it I really did not. There was not enough Cha Cha content. What did the judges think? Craig said he was subzero and he fell that Gregg was like a windup toy, and it was to camp, Darcy said she weirdly liked that and that he needed to work on his shoulders and bottom. Len thought it was small neat and dainty and felt it was over practiced and not enough flair, Bruno said it was a mince pie with a soggy bottom. Scores:3,5,5,5

Frankie Bridge & Kevin Clifton: A waltz to Someone Like You’ by Adele. In the training room Frankie is on tour and she is yawning a lot but Kevin is patient and teaching her as much as he can. Kevin heads off as VIP to the Wembley show and Frankie has been practicing behind she scenes as well. On the dance floor, Frankie is beautiful and the dance overall will bring a tear to your eye. Frankie has a great amount of promise. What did the judges think? Darcy loved it and thought that her fingers were well and that Frankie was a joy to watch, while Len called it the best dance of week one. Bruno said he loved every moment of it and was with them in it and Craig wanted to see a little bit of a heavier heel but otherwise he loved it and thought she followed Kevin’s lead beautifully. Scores: 7,7,8,8

Simon Webb & Kristina Rhianoff: A jive to ‘Good Golly Miss Molly’ by Little Richard. In the training room he is overwhelmed with Kristina giving him a solo bit and his own choreography. She ends up having to direct him a little and is hoping that she will not regret it, but he I working very hard. On the dance floor Simon comes out strong and with a lot of energy you have to love what he is bringing to it. The dance is strong and full of content for a week one jive this is something else. What did the judges think? Len loved all the kicks, flicks and tricks and was very happy with the dance, Bruno loves the springing bounce and thinks he is like a frisky rabbit and loved the rock n roll flare. While Craig wanted him up on his toes a little more and wants his feet pointed otherwise he enjoyed it a lot and Darcy liked it a lot the choreography was fun and she liked the details. Scores: 6,7,7,7

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