How to wipe an iPhone clean and clear cache on iPhone permanently

An iPhone clean and clear cache on iPhone permanently

Are you an iPhone user? Looking for the appropriate fixes for how to clear cache on iPhone permanently? This can be the best post for users having trouble with cleaning cache on the iPhone. Here we have introduced a convenient way how to wipe an iPhone memory space by removing unwanted files & data permanently as well as how to protect your privacy.

If you fed up with the less memory space making you unable to download desired new files and data, you need to wipe your iPhone.  Install the most powerful and convenient iPhone App called Dr. Fone and get rid of the unwanted cache on your iPhone device.

Dr. fone is equipped with the latest technology and has been embedded with ample features making it popular among the iPhone users. Next, you will see features of Dr. Fone software and how to clear cache on iPhone devices?

Features of Dr.Fone-Erase(iOS)

  • Whether iPhone users like to wipe their iPhone or recover data from iPhone, Repair or Transfer data from iPhone to PC, Dr. Fone is an appropriate app for iOS devices.
  • It can easily backup & restore data, unlocks the iPhone device, erases private chat history, etc.  Dr. Fone software is smartly equipped with multiple functionalities.  iPhone users can perform all these vital functions with just a single App.
  • iPhone/iPad users now no need to search multiple fixes on how to clear cache on the iPhone. Just download the Dr. Fone app and wipe your iPhone data permanently. It can wipe all iOS data and free up the iPhone memory locations by compressing file sizes and removal of Junk files.
  • Dr.Fone is also the right choice for iPhone users seeking to boost iOS performance and data privacy.

Now, Once you download & Install Dr. Fone Tool Kit Software, here you can go through some simplest DIY steps for how to wipe an iPhone data permanently.

DIY Steps for How to Wipe an iPhone:

If you have launched Dr.Fone App to wipe your iPhone/iPad clean and clear cache thoroughly and permanently, all you need to do if just follow graphical instructions below—

Step-1: Look at the Erase Icon thereon the home screen of Dr. Fone Tool Kit.  Click It Now.

Dr. Fone Tool Kit

Step-2:  Next is attaching your iPhone/iPad device with your PC. Make sure to use a lightning cable to avoid any kind of fluctuations while transferring data.

Step-3:  Let the Dr. Fone Program on PC to recognize your device. Once after it successfully detects your iPhone device, you need to select “Erase All Data” among the 3 choices there at the left pane.

Dr. Fone Program

Step-4:  Hit the start button below to start erasing your iPhone/iPad data permanently with all safety and security measures.

Step-5:  Now you will see three security options there in the next window — High Level (3 Times), Medium Level (1time, Recommended), Low Level (1 time).  Select the Medium Level to erase your iPhone permanently.

erase all data

Step-6:  Before you hit the next step, you should know that once you wipe your iPhone/iPad device, you’ll not be able to recover deleted data. Type 000000 to confirm and press “Erase Now” button at the bottom.

erase all data

Step-7:  Here you can check the erasure process step by step. Just sit on your chair back and patiently wait until the process finishes. (Make sure your device should keep connected during the entire erasure process)

erasing data

Final Step:  Once you see this message – “Erase Successfully” you need to reboot your device to refresh entire configuration settings.  Just confirm by clicking on the “OK” button in the Pop-Up window.

Now be cheer up with your iPhone/iPad device with the entire wiping of data permanently. Even If you sell your iPhone to someone, your iPhone data can’t be accessible to anyone.


From the above features and functionalities, Dr. Fone software is getting hundreds of downloads on per day basis. Due to its convenient clicks and easy to use interface, anyone can use this app and wipe iPhone data completely and permanently along with all safety measures. Dr. Fone also welcomes users for all possible support regarding how to use Dr. Fone Tool Kit, Dr. Fone Apps, and Dr. Fone Clouds.

Hope you got here the best troubleshoot How to wipe an iPhone clean and clear cache on iPhone permanently”


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