Is Your Internet Connection Secure?

There is no doubt about theInternet’s ability to provide access to boundless information on the worldwide web. Today, we are just a click away from the solutions to our problems, and there’s no doubt that we don’t hesitate from using this implausible resource.

When online, we can easily find whatever we are looking for. However, it is also very easy to get access to anything that is unwanted and is loitering around on the web. These days privacy attacks and malware are very common. People are not aware of the significance of safeguarding their data from unforeseen invaders.It may result in theft of financial credentials, which may cost effort, money, and time.

Basic knowledge of how to take a grip on security issues on the internet may help the consumers in keeping their data and personal information safe and evade any unwanted problems. Read below in order to advocate your presence online smartly.

Internet Connection Secure


The basic firewall function is to stopany unexpected visitors. It keeps you safe from any intruder trying to invade your computer,thus keeping unwanted visitors out. It protects you from anyone trying to access your computer through a non-permitted connection viathe sensitive ports of your computer. It is best to keep a check of the reliabilityof the ports of the computer by using services such as Shield Up that prod the ports and report in case there’s a chance of it to crack your barriers. If blocking services from invading your computer is not working successfully by a firewall, then you need a better security solution.


The software that examines your downloads to assure that no unwanted or suspicious malware gets access to your computer is known as an Antivirus. It is important to make sure that your antivirus is active and properly working. If your software is not strong enough, then it may not spot malware or other threats from corrupting your computer.

In order to checkthe supremacy of the antivirus, you may check if certain downloaded files are being flagged as viruses or not. The antivirus software may give you peace with its functionality without affecting the performance of your system. EICAR is a file that can help to undertake the activities of your system without causing any harm to your system.

Internet Connection Secure

HTTP vs. HTTPSProtocols

It is essential to ensure protocols while visiting websites. There are two different protocols that you should be aware of such as HTTP and HTTPS. HTTP makes use of “plaintext” when the data is being exchanged. It interprets and decodes the encryptions that are absent in your device and distant server. It provides the server anopeningto keep a note of your personal information. This is why HTTP sites may not be safe because you will never know if your data is being recorded.

Whereas HTTPSis used to encrypt the datacorrectlyand it is also useful while logging into different websites. HTTPS keeps your information safe and decreases yourexposure to threats online. To understand what websites are using HTTPS protocol,you can assess the URL. A URL starting from HTTPS means that it is safe to use. Also, a padlock shaped icon that appears on the website address bar means that the website is safe to surf.

In other words, using HTTPS means that you are safe. And if there’s no sign of padlock next to the address bar means that you are not browsing a safe website. If you are visiting any renownedwebsite and the padlock does not appear it may mean that there’s malware that may have readdressed the website and might steal your personal information.

Router Security

A router standsat the front line and is the main defense that your home network has against malware and security threats. It controls who can or can’t enter your home internet protocol that makes it a major focusfor hackers.

Make sure that your Internet Router is protected by the advanced security protocol WPA2 and provides you with higher security, that protects your Internet. Most of the new routers have WPA2 security already installed. But, if you own an older router you should testthe security protocol it applies. You should reallythink about moving on to WPA2 router security to protect your online information.

Internet Connection Secure

VPN Leaks

If you are using VPN software for your internet, thenensure that it does not leak information in real-time. DNS leaks through a VPN are not rareso you need to be ahead of the game.

You should make sure that a VPN is keeping your information hidden by using IP Leak. A test to check your VPN connection and ensure that it’s secure and that your information is protected is by turning your VPN off and visit any website. It will show you all the information that can be detected from your connection. After that,turn on your VPN and visit the same site. It should show you particularsfrom your VPN server instead. If you see your location on the server located on the website, then it means that the VPN is not protecting your data, and you are exposed.

Bottom Line

Hackers are always trying to break into your networks and theincrease of the technology gives them a greater hand on reaching your personal information and exposing you. It’s like a race between nations and should be handled with care. Don’t worry as the steps discussed in this article are proven and can give you a secure connection in real-time.

You can access firewalls like ZoneAlarm to ensure that when you are online all your information is safe, and that too for free. Plus, several Internet Service Providers like AT&T internet and Spectrum offer free security suites with internet connections so their customers can enjoy their online endeavorsin peace.

Likewise, various VPN software isavailable that will offer you Full-time security at very low costs. For example,ExpressVPN provides round the clock protection at only $7 per month. However, after all of these defenses, the thing that is the mostimportant is to ensure the router is up-to-date so that you never have to fret about losing data.


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