Exif Data Contained In the Leaked Kate Upton Pictures Show Time, Date and GPS Longitude and Latitude

The Exif Data contained in the leaked pictures of the celebrities contain information that show when(date and time), where (GPS Longitude and Latitude co-ordinates) and the device used to take the pictures. A couple of the pictures that were leaked on 4chan had Exif Data contained but have since been taken down. Also most of the image hosted on imgur have the Exif removed.

We run a couple of these images through out Exif engine and these are the results:

Links (Images are NSFW):
[https://i.imgur.com/DhySLyv.jpg] [https://i.imgur.com/A1bB0Ux.jpg] [https://i.imgur.com/6MybNAm.jpg] [https://i.imgur.com/dPx0Oar.jpg] [https://i.imgur.com/xx5Baez.jpg]

Here are is the information the Exif contained:

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