How to spy kids with TOS windows spy app?

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How to spy kids with TOS windows spy app? Digital devices these days are widespread and windows laptops and desktops are in particular over the years. Young teenagers are obsessed with technological devices and they love to have windows laptops and desktop machines to perform plenty of activities. Most of the children and young teens demand from their parents to buy them windows PC for the sake of educational purposes. Later on, teens and kids start exploring plenty of things that can put them into danger. Initially, peer pressure comes in their way and they start lurking towards social media websites and apps.

Additionally, children at the end of the day become addicted to chats conversations, messages, and share media files and to audio-video conversations on major social media platforms. However, children often get their hands on the adult content whether willingly or intentionally and also use online dating sites on their PCs.

So, parents, on the other hand, want to know what children are doing on their windows laptops and desktops devices. Parents are pretty confused these days they want to know whether their children are studying all day long or doing something else that is still a secret. So, you need to track kids and get to know about their secret activities with the TOS windows spy app. It will help you out to get the job done in a very unique way.

How to spy kids with TOS windows spy app

Spy Kids Windows PCs with TOS Monitoring Software

Gone are the days when parents are helpless to know what kids are doing on their digital devices such as laptop and desktop windows PCs connected to the internet. Now parents can get access to the target windows computer of children instantly but before they go for it they have to do plenty of things and one of them is to get hands-on the best computer surveillance app. Let’s get to know how to do it.

Step1: Subscribe for the windows spy app

You need to use any digital device and then get access to the installed browser connected to cyberspace. Furthermore, visit the official webpage windows tracking software. Once you are on the page, you can instantly get a subscription. In response to the subscription, an email will be sent and you can get the credentials in terms of password and Login ID.

Step2: Start the installation process

Now you need to have physical access on the targeted windows laptop and desktop device and start the installation process. Simply complete the process of installation successfully and then activate it on the targeted device.

Step3: Use Credentials & get access to the web portal

Now you have to use the credentials that you have got via email form TOS spy software. Additionally, get access to the online control panel of the computer monitoring software. Furthermore, you can visit plenty of tools that empower parents to remotely track every single target user is performing on windows computer devices within time. Let’s get to know about the tools for making surveillance on kid’s windows device possible.

Spy Kids Windows PCs

Use TOS Windows Monitoring Software Tools to Track Kids on laptop Desktops

Windows Browsing History

Parents can get access to the target windows PC browser and can see all the browsing activities in terms of visited websites and bookmarked websites with a time stamp.


You can remotely capture screenshots of windows laptop desktop devices using windows spying software. Users can capture multiple screenshots at once by sending multiple screenshots demands.

View installed applications

 End users can remotely view all the installed applications installed on Windows computers and get to know whether they are using social media apps and others.

Screen recorder

You can record the screen of the targeted device in real-time by making back to back short videos of the screen using an online web portal. You can visit live windows screen recorded videos and get to know about the activities.

Block websites

You can block the inappropriate websites on the targeted device. All you need to do is to put the URLs of the particular websites and past into the filters and children won’t be able to access the websites.

Surround Recorder

End-user can remotely get control over the windows MIC and record to surround sounds and chat conversations using windows surround recorder software.


TheOneSpy windows monitoring app is the best tool for parents that empowers to track every single activity happens on the targeted device.

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