Red Band Society Winter Finale Recap: ‘What I Did for Love’

Last week on Red Band Society was one of ups and downs, Hunter collapsed with a fever and Emma was released from the hospital even though she might not have been actually ready, she had convinced the right people that she was. Leaving her and Leo broken up. This week jumps right in with janitors cleaning out Emma’s room and the society meeting together and talking about Emma having left without asking goodbye to anyone but sort of Leo. Everyone is taking it hard, especially Leo he is lashing out and snapping at everyone, but it is to be expected.

Meanwhile, Charlie who still can’t move or talk is playing chess with his Hippie Doctor. They have a computer set up so that he can type with his eyes. While he is not the best typist in the world he is doing very well in communicating with everyone and even says a Good morning to Nurse Jackson. While playing chess they are trying to get Charlie to press the button down on the timer for the game. He can’t do it yet, but they hope to make the progress.

Emma gets home to her family and her little sister. She looks very uncomfortable to be there and even more uncomfortable with her Mom. Emma has a little problem going up the stairs, but lies to her parents in saying that nothing is wrong at all.

Jordi meanwhile, has a very attractive woman comes in and starts making out with him. The problem comes when the woman says she wants drugs and that she will pay full price. Delaney sent her of course and he kicks her out even though he needs the money. In another part of the hospital Kara rushes past the nurses station and into Hunter’s room to find out what is really going on with him. While she is at the door while he talks with his parents Kara overhears that Hunter is going to go home that very day. She of course goes rushing off crying. Hunter eventually catches up with Kara in the cafeteria and is trying to comfort her and tell her he would rather stay there with her but his Mom needs him home. She of course brushes him off like she doesn’t care.

Jordi is having another PET scan to see how his cancer is doing and Leo is leaving messages for Emma which presumably she has not responded to. When Kara comes prancing by on her way out of the hospital, Leo corners her and demands a ride to Emma’s house or he will tell Nurse Jackson. She grudgingly agrees.

At home Emma is digging through her drawers at home and finds a moldy old part of a grilled cheese sandwich in the drawer. She hides it again and sprays some perfume when her Mom comes in. Mom apparently doesn’t know how to handle things or help Emma very well, but Emma finally confronts why her Mom didn’t come to see her for the last weeks of her being in the hospital. Mom was going to groups to try to better help her Daughter and lets a small drop about Grandma slip out but gives no information. Emma goes down and confronts her Father and it turns out they think Grandma was an anorexic as well, they never thought about it until when they went to clear out the house after Grandma passed away and found hidden food, a lot of hidden food. Turns out Mom purposely didn’t want to tell her because she felt it would give her permission not to change.

Nurse Jackson goes rummaging for some lip gloss before she goes in to see Charlie, she is clearly having fun flirting with the Doctor. Seems to pay off even though they have been flirting a bit for a while he finally manages to hint at going out to dinner together but does not manage to actually ask.

Kara flakes out on taking Leo to Emma’s house and instead takes him to her school. Where the football team is practicing and so is the Cheerleaders. Kara manages to say a few heartfelt things to Leo about not really caring about anything anymore then Leo calls her about saying except Hunter. It’s a nice moment for them, then Kara even says that he has no idea what he’s going to do when he leaves. Kara points out that everyone knows but him.

Back at the hospital Nurse Jackson manages to ask Doctor Naday on a date to which he accepts. As Hunter is saying his goodbyes to the crew and about to leave his pager goes off, they have found a liver for him and he is not going anywhere. The nurses finally have a bit of a meeting and Nurse Dobler fesses up that she slept with Doctor McAndrew much to the shock to the other two. Jordi gets the results of his PET scan and the tumors have shrunk, but not as much as they would hope. Doctor McAndrew says most Doctors wouldn’t do surgery for tumors that size they would offer more chemo, but that he is not most Doctors and he will schedule the surgery for the morning.

Kara took a lot of time to find a soccer ball and after some mean girl pushing with her heart in the right place gets Leo to kick the ball. He does so with a fantastic amount of joy about it. Turns out that he enjoyed it and missed it and he is indeed meant to go back to playing soccer. While Eamma at home finally listens to Leo’s message when her little sister comes to get her to help set the table for dinner leading them to Emma finally sort of confessing she’s not okay but she is trying to. At dinner Mom lays down the hardball that you’re not leaving the table until you have cleaned your plate and they have a small argument over how much food she is used to.

Dash goes to give Hunter his Red Band Society pep talk before he goes under the knife. He also gives Dash a letter to give to Kara in case he does not wake up from his liver transplant. It kind of gives the viewer a bad feeling about what is going to happen. McAndrew is having a heated argument with someone on the phone about how the treatment is being laid out for a patient, Jordi perhaps? Nurse Jackson also back pedals and backs out of her date with Doctor Naday making them both look hurt.

Another touching moment between Leo and Kara in her car when he gives her a pep talk about how she has changed and how things will be different when Hunter is gone. The bad thing is that leads to a make out session between the two in the car. Emma is having a meltdown at home and calls Leo, but she gets his voice mail the meltdown gets worse then and she forces herself to throw up everything she ate for dinner.

McAndrew then has to break the news to Jordi that the state won’t let him have the surgery because he has not been emancipated yet. He has to go through chemo again unless he can push the paperwork through in 24 hours. This of course leads him to accept pain killers he doesn’t really need and calling the girl who came in about the painkillers. Charlie meantime plays a bit of a match maker to make sure, Doctor Naday and Nurse Jackson meet in his room and she finally has to tell him why she suddenly back pedaled and it is of course because they work together. After they agree that professionalism is important, he kisses her and Charlie manages a thumbs up.

Hunter gets the name of his liver donor and is going under the knife as things get hotter down in the car. Emma’s Dad finally comes to check on her and finds the locked bathroom door when he finally breaks in he finds her knocked out on the floor. This is not a good sign and looks like we have to wait until next week to find out what happens next in the Society.

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