Scandal Episode 7 Recap. – The Truth Is Out! Jake Is Free! But it Gets Worse

Thursday means it is time to jump back into the chaos that is Scandal. Liv is in bed and trying to calm herself some when her phone dings. It turns out to be Fitz and she seems annoyed that he has called. When Fitz asks about hope again, she asks if Jake is being fed, turns out the prison, he is in has been nailed many times for inhumane treatment of prisoners. After that, she hangs up on him and it turns out Melly was ease dropping.

Meanwhile, Quinn is confronting the man who’s Daughter was killed several episodes ago and wants to know why he lied. Rather then tell her he says you can’t stop what’s coming I am sorry I can’t help you and then right in front of Quinn shoots himself.

The next treat we get to see is a senator drunk in a Captain’s hat and a big baby diaper. Cyrus is laughing a great deal when the man literally uses that diaper and poor Abby has to be the one to fend off all of the press. She gets a little nervous when she gets cornered by the media about a replacement but handles it as well as she can. Looks like Cyrus is trying to phase her out.

When Abby goes into the oval the new pick is her ex husband Chip, the one Liv saved her from. Meanwhile, back at HQ Huck is playing games with his Son again and this time his boy asks if he would like to get together after school and hang out with him, he says he will Liv is in full meltdown grilling Quinn and calling David about Jake.

Abby calls Liv and she goes right away to the rescue and Abby it turns out is hiding behind her desk. Turns out even though she kept very calm when she had the introduction process she went to the bathroom and vomited and got it all over her dress. Liv was kind and brought her two to pick from. Liv thinks that Abby should tell Fitz that the man he is endorsing used to beat her, but Liv asks her what she wants.

Abby is sure that he will not lose the Senate race no way, but Liv simply says watch me then she marches along with Quinn into the campaign office of the competition one Susan Ross. Like she always does Liv takes the reigns and turns everything around on its head. She goes on a makeover process doing a few tweaks for her image and time to dig up some dirt on Chip aside from what Abby knows.

While Abby is fending off being hit on and asked about Chip it comes on the news a car bombing goes off near an embassy in West Angola. Cyrus is also testing his new boyfriend and is onto the fact that she might be working with Nolan. Melly meanwhile, is working on picking out new china for the white house when Nolan comes to visit her and of course lay out some more foreign policy issues.

David meanwhile, finally gets back to Liv and is demanding getting into Supermax, but David is going off on her on how to get in. When he finally gets done with his speech he goes, “You already have a plan don’t you I have been “Poped” and I don’t even know it.” you have to laugh a bit at that one.

She also points out to him it isn’t Jake she wants to visit. Turns out it is Tom, yeah, that Tom. She keeps the meeting off the books by using the Warden’s office and silly Tom goes on about how beautiful Liv is before she sets in on asking about who really killed Fitz’s Son.

Tom instead goes around and around about why did she leave Fitz and about how he went to her apartment after she left and how she does not have a Father she has command she has always had command. Liv is now apparently Helen of Troy and not going to be getting any answers from Tom because he toes the same line he has been and says that it was Jake, Liv tells him to watch his back then as she leaves.

Susan Ross is filming a nice new commercial and is taking many takes because she keeps either blinking to much or her eyes are wide and not blinking at all. That is when Liv gets a great idea she uses the Woman’s Daughter who ends up being absolutely perfect and adorable on screen. The commercial was on the air for 6 hours and the polls are already shooting up, Cyrus starts having a fit about it.

When Abby is trying to get to her car Chip corners her in the parking garage. He keeps making the moves on her and making her uncomfortable when she gets into her car and pulls a gun on him. Well done Abby! A nice speech about how she is going to shoot him and they can chalk it up to PTSD finally gets him to slowly back away and walk off, she has to go to the office where Liv is again and has a bit of a meltdown about how she wanted to shoot him and how good it felt.

The gun is even still in her hand, but she shakily slowly hands it over to Liv. She asks then what she should do and Liv tells her to use her podium and to be strong and be a stand out for women everywhere. Abby, however is in a negative place and points out to her where are the women who they helped do that now. They are the Monica’s of the world.

When Liv goes home that night she seems a bit depressed and you can’t blame her when her phone rings. Fitz is on the phone and gives her the complete rundown of what Jake is eating, doing in his cell and his exercise. Liv confesses that she went to Supermax and that she visited Tom and then she confronts Fitz about if he tried to kill himself or not he only wants to talk about what hope means.

Fitz is drunk and wants her to come over and prove to him that there is hope then he starts in on the dirty conversation on what he would do to her if she came to the White house. His ploy seems to work and once he has her all hot and bothered he won’t go any further, he simply says well that depends on how much hope there is. Maybe it is just me as a writer, but Fitz to me is a dirty perv who wants his cake and eat it too these days.

Huck heads down to the arcade and sees his Son there. You can tel he wants to approach him and he is emotional about it all but he doesn’t and he watches the boy play video games.

Cyrus thinks he is in the clear with his boy toy because there was nothing said by Nolan about West Angola in the last 24 hours, poor guy you almost want him to be able to hold onto that. Abby gets the bomb drop that Susan Ross was not married to the Father of her child who died and the guy who was flirting with Abby very happy. That is when Abby goes into the details about her fake teeth and pins and who did that to her and he looks stunned.

Liv goes home to find her Dad who is getting mad that she is getting her nose into things. When she tells him to go home, he lays the smack down as it were. The bottom line is he won’t have her picking someone else over him ever again. When he asks if that is clear she turns around and tells him what is clear is that he seems to have wasted a lifetime doing all the wrong things and she doesn’t want him touching her. He says against me, you will lose. That is not a very Father like thing to say if you ask me. While in Super max Tom gets a message from command and is shanked.

Quinn and Huck finally show Liv the pictures of her about the follower. Then Cyrus gets the shell shock he did not need to see Nolan say it because she used Melly who went on national TV and commented about the ship being sent in. While Chip has to withdraw from the race because someone leaked that it was he who set the other Senator up for failure.

Fitz confronts Melly about her talking about West Angola and she reminds him that he wanted the real Melly back. Liv picks a bad time to call as Melly and Fitz have the argument, but she gets the confession from Tom, who managed not to die and plays it personally for Fitz. The truth finally comes out and it turns out it was command who tried to kill him, but Liv played him to make sure he would get hurt but not die. While during that Huck’s Son comes and finds him tracking him down by his IP address. The final moment shows Jake being brought into the secret war room with Liv and Fitz. Looks like it is time to bring down command.

A solid episode this week not full of all the drama we usually get but it had a good pace to it and showed us once again why Rowan is so dangerous. Let’s hope this season they take him out.

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