Grimm Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: The Grimm Who Stole Christmas

After last weeks exciting return of Nick getting his Grimm powers back and walking into his house with Josh waiting it is going to be a turn of fun events to see what happens this week. So of course, given the time of year we open to a very Grimm Christmas a party is going on and someone drops off a present at the party of people a very heavy present. It gets brought inside and cute the ominous music about it.

While back at Monroe’s house Rosalee has gotten into the spirit this year and the whole house is alive with Christmas and the train is going and the couple are both enjoying it a great deal. Monroe is doing one of his cute things and leaves an invite on a train car a lovely invite to a delayed honeymoon. The train gets derailed as she says yes, but the couple take a deep breath and really come on folks they are an adorable omen.

Meanwhile, back at the house of the Christmas party a scary looking creature breaks out of the Christmas present and lets a friends in. The three creatures have completely destroyed the couples Christmas tree and presents then go on to attack the man who went down to check on what was going on downstairs, yup Happy Holidays folks.

Nick and his scooby squad (total Buffy reference here) are back at the trailer studying up on the group of Wessen who have been harassing Rosalee and Monroe. They get details about how long this group has been around turns out they were first around during the inquisition. Ouch. Josh is spending time with Juliette and finding out that his Dad was not crazy at all but everything he was told is true. There is still that curious bit if Josh will be a late bloomer Grimm, it is possible. Turns out Josh says he kind of wishes he could be like Nick that he is worried about that, but he is also worried if it does happen. At least he gets to enjoy a nice Christmas with the crew.

Back at the Christmas party house there is a big mess all over and the good news is the guy who was attacked did not die he is just beat up very good. They think it’s just a home invasion, but a weird one which is of course why Nick and Hank were called in. The biggest clue they find besides the box is fruit cake, Nick has the exact same thought I do when he finds it I didn’t think anyone ate them.

Trubel is off on an early morning thing because she might have a lead on those who are involved with the issues with Rosalee and Monroe, turns out it is the same guy she threatened the other day. While snooping however, another Wessen comes up with some items and is about to attack, but Josh, who had gone along with her conks him over the head with something heavy before he can do anything. He also has a mask, the mask of the hate group. After telling Nick about it, they get Bud and go to ID the people who were at the meeting while Nick goes to talk to the Christmas witness. Bad news is once all the meeting members arrive, they close the shades.

Another family gets a visit from the little grinch creatures as they head out to Christmas fun while Nick and Hank are looking at all of the most recent break ins. While they gather that information Sean pulls Nick in and lets him know that his Mom has left and is going to be looking for Nick’s Mom.

While they are having that chat, however, they get a call about another robbery in progress and so of course Nick and Hank take off to the scene and while Nick wants to know what the hell the creatures are he is not scared of them even when one lobs a Santa at him then falls off the roof, welcome to life has a Grimm. When they go to check him Nick tells him to take it easy, but of course the guy jumps him, then Hank cracks a lawn gnome over his head. The funny debate ensues over them not being able to take it into the station so they put it in the car get animal sedatives and a dog crate from Juliette while bringing it to Rosalee and Monroe’s and not even they know what the thing is. Everyone thinks the scent is terrible.

The best place to go is the trailer of course and they find the little ugly thing written in Greek. Takes a while until they find the English translation. Turns out the ugly beasts are actually really kids who are going through puberty and it only manifests during the night and during Christmas. The way to get them to stop? Feed them to much fruit cake. Looks like we have a use for fruit cake!

While the boys are doing that Juliette and Rosalee are watching the kid in the crate, but Juliette has a bit of nausea and says it has happened a few times recently. Rosalee brings up the possibility that she could be pregnant and that she should test herself. Before they can get into it too much, however their little beast wakes up and his little friends break him out of the dog crate the girls run into the house and are able to knock two out of three out right away the last one however gets mesmerized by the train and the others wake up well there goes Monroe’s house. The boys arrive home around then and Monroe takes on his Wessen form to give them a scare, they run off before they can do anything. The look on Nick’s face when he tells Juliette and Rosalee the way to stop them is fruit cake is priceless.

Monroe and Rosalee are going over the mess of the house and trying to put it back together when they find a medical alert bracelet that has a name on it. They go to the house and of course the Mom who answers the door is Wessen and looks worried at seeing Nick is a Grimm. Nick assures her that he is also a worried police officer trying to help. Nick finds a Christmas truck and asks if they have fruit cake, the Lady happily offers them a sample but they want the whole truck. Looks like they are taking the fruit cake solution very seriously, Monroe and Rosalee meanwhile, are dropping fruit cake crumbs all along the steps of the church leading to the truck. The boys take out a Christmas tree before they get the scent of fruit cake and head right out to the truck where they get locked in to eat to their hearts content. By morning time everyone is standing around the truck worriedly. After a little bit of debate Nick is the first to open it and inside they find three stuffed fruit cake boys. Another case closed for the Grimm gang.

When Nick gets home after the long night he finds Trubel waiting outside and has a speech for him. That she thanks him for all he has done for him. Then she tells him that she wants to help Josh that he wants to go home, but he shouldn’t do it alone. She also sucks at goodbyes. Nick understands and tells her that they are not going anywhere she is welcome to come back anytime she wants. The final thing Nick does is give Josh and Trubel his Aunt Marie’s car.

After the touching goodbye, we see Juliette has done as Rosalee said and taking a pregnancy test while they don’t show the test we see the upset on her face and once again the ominous music rolls. Looks like Juliette is expecting and that it happened during the process of making Nick a grimm again.

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