Sleepy Hollow Recap: Episode Two

It is time for Episode two of the new season of Sleepy Hollow and we start out as dark as ever with the Headless horseman dragging Katrina off to a circle of fire where she is chained in the middle. Her Son is there the sin eater the horseman of War and there is a ceremony that needs to be completed. Where she is told to truly belong to the horseman they need to sanctify her body and that she must be like in every way and it looks like her head is about to get hacked off, when Crane wakes up.

Abby and Crane are going through some files and he tells Abby about the ceremony that he thinks will take place. Abby mentions Martha Stewart and we get an amusing talk about how the wedding industry has become yes an industry and not just scared rights between a man and a woman anymore. Sorry Crane welcome to the future! They have a good search pattern of where Katrina might be held and Abby points out that Crane knows Abraham, so it should be easier for him to narrow down the houses that might be kept. Meanwhile, Abby has to go and meet the new sheriff, and she misses role call.

The new Sheriff has a lot of information on Abby and goes down the line about good people bad luck and that she heard Abby’s Mom say it once. Abby is very clearly thrown by this. The new sheriff thinks what is going on is drug cartels and Abby lets her think that and says she is there with him. While when she leaves Abby is met by Crane and he explains how Abraham’s Father knew a union with Katrina would go well for them and we get to see the proposal a Willow point again, but Abby would know it as Dobbs ferry. In the car, Abby reminds Crane that they have to keep the bigger plane in their minds and not just rescuing Katrina. That is when Crane reminds her that he will not forgo his duty as a witness, but he has a duty to his wife as well and that she is a very powerful witch who could help turn the tides of the war.

They arrive at the very nicely situated house just after dark and see a horse and then throw something at the house, the horseman’s horse, then appears to confirm he is there and so the thought is, Katrina will be as well. He then sees Katrina’s shadow in the window and wants to go in but Abby stops him, they need a plan. While they are working they find a book that mentions a creature called the Kindred, a being made of parts of soldiers and he is a match for the horseman. The witches turned to Franklin to help them create the perfect body made of the strongest parts. In the end they could not raise the creature because they did not have a part of the horseman of death. However, this time they do the head. Abby points out they will be raising a Monster not a weapon.
The sin eater meanwhile, gets sucked into a place with Malic and begs seeing as he failed the demon in not opening a portal. The Demon says he will find his own way in and do as he is told so that he can come into the world. While Abby and Crane and her Sister argue about if they should raise the Kindred or not. In the end Crane wins the argument and they have to now find the body that Franklin preserved, the head and get some weapons from their stash.

Katrina keeps trying to get rid of the necklace and Abraham is trying to tell her that she never has to take it off and she enjoys it. While he also tries to tell Katrina that Crane does not love her and he loves Abby, that he has moved on. He tells her that Malic has a plan for them and she says that she will never go willingly and he hopes that she does. We can say one thing for him, he looks better with a head.

Abby visits her former boss Irving in jail and says they need the head. Irving says he put the head in the bank. Protected in a steel box underground with security not a bad idea. When they go to the bank Crane is not amused and tells Abby that Jefferson said that banking establishments were more dangerous than standing armies. In short Abby tells him to behave. Crane then becomes curious about the pen that is on a chain, while one of the men of the bank try to get him to take a credit card. A very funny conversation comes from this Crane is not amused when the man tells him he can get his special Lady a ring, and Crane wonders if he is part of the wedding industry. Crane launches into a speech about how it is the banking establishment that has helped to turn people into an insolvent group, when Abby interrupts him and they fetch the head.

Jennifer gets walked in on in the archives and she is Jenny is arrested and put into jail and the weapons taken. The sheriff then has a fit at Crane as well, seems the department is going on lock down. Crane feels bad Jenny has been arrested, but it has to be done so that Jenny and Crane do not also get arrested.

Irving is having a lie detector test and the Sheriff is present. He tells the truth, but she says that he is going to get the latest in drugs and electroshock to treat his hallucinations. I think someone is going to be getting in the way, don’t you?

Abby and Crane are going through the tunnels and Crane apparently needs another reading list so he can catch up on some books. They seem to be lost in the tunnels and Crane won’t ask for directions according to Abby of course who is he going to ask? A flock of bats pop out and perhaps show them the way to go. There is a point when they don’t find the kindred Abby offers how much purgatory effected her and that he is her greatest weakness. After the conversation they find some metal plates and touching them sparks of some battery life and they have indeed found the kindred.
The sin-eater knows that Crane is coming to the carriage house and he tells Katrina that it will get him dead. While in the woods Crane and Abby prepare to raise the kindred with the horseman’s head. Katrina is trying to tell the horsemen, that he doesn’t have to kill Crane and he of course does not agree at all. The kindred does not rise when Crane speaks the incantation and a little funny about how he is not the witch in the family goes so he tries again. While Katrina says all she needed was time before but that he in his haste chased her to Crane and that this time he should let her chose of her own free will. It gets an emotional response and he seems to nod, but leaves the room and is going right for Crane and Abby and at the final moment the kindred rises.

Crane goes for Katrina and she says he must leave without her. Then she says what she did and that she must stay. War shows up to take on the kindred as well and Abby brings the munitions to help and the battle seems to get more heated. Two on two, but only one is not a mortal being. Abby is about to get run down by War, when the kindred makes a choice to save her. Crane has trouble accepting that he has to leave Katrina. She forces him to go and he does say she is forever in his heart. Abby is utterly confused that they leave without her. Katrina does end up convincing Abraham that she let herself loose from the ropes.

Back at their house in the woods Abby and Crane talk about how things went. That they will not raise another monster and they have a mole. When Abby leaves to check on her sister Crane mourns not having his wife, but is appreciative of Abby saying that she will be okay. When Abby speaks with Jenny, she gets taken away Jenny says do not take 13 years this time.

Irving has another talk with the Sheriff, saying that he used to be just like her. That is when the Sin eater Henry shows up as Irving’s lawyer. Well, this can not be a good thing for the good team. He is given the special pen that was made to sign paperwork, this is really not good for the team, the pen pricks and gets some blood then the paper is signed.

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