Sleepy Hallow “HEARTLESS” Recap

Crane with his hair down opens up our episode this evening, giving a speech about what Love is. On the other side is Katrina who disagrees with him on what love is. Cue the cut away to looking at them watching the bachelor. Crane is certainly much happier now that he has Katrina by his side and hey, they had to be touched by reality TV like everyone else.

They then have a moment of talking about the things that Katrina kept from Crane. Katrina does seem to honestly be apologetic and Crane seems to be working to fully forgive her. Then Abby breaks in and says she has some tracing on Henry’s computer. Katrina wants to know if there is more reality TV than the one show they were watching.

Henry in the meantime has his special jar and some other items all set up on what looks like an altar. When he pulls a beating heart from the jar we can all be a little grossed out. This is Henry we are talking about however and he is always up to nothing fun. When he is done speaking his words a beautiful woman is standing before him. He tells her they have much to do and next we see the beautiful woman all dressed and ready to eat some poor sap at a bar. After a little bit of what looks like change in mid walk the beasty approaches her poor victim. True to thought she gets the man in a car during make out and turns into a bit of a red face beast and is sucking the life out of him.

Abby and Crane arrive while talking about how he and Katrina used to scandalously dance the Viennese waltz sometimes. Love that! They have another argument about him giving Henry a chance but he shall stand by it. Meanwhile, poor Abraham is yelling at Henry about Katrina having gotten away when the beast girl shows up and basically vomits into a jar for Henry. Gross.

While Abby and Crane work on finding out what it was that killed the latest victim Katrina is able to help them with some ideas of where to look. Katrina, then seems to have a vision and take more ill and Crane goes off with her. She wants some tea that they don’t seem to have it was Abraham used to bring it to her. Ouch. Crane leaves Abby to do the leg work herself.

Some more girl gets upset because a woman is hanging out with a cute guy. Then the guy says he is with someone else and she gets upset and runs sadly right into the arms of the beasty who does a speech and then of course takes the life force of that girl too. Crane it turns out, has been doing some research on artifacts and such while at home with Katrina. They need to find someone who knows about it so of course Abby heads off to talk to Hawley. He does not want to help but when she calls in a favor like a cop, he at least looks at the pictures. He says he does not have any idea what could have done it and goes off to flirt with some girls who were making eyes at him.

Abby and Crane with Katrina are working again and it is Katrina that comes up with the idea that it is a woman. They decide that it is a succubus that is doing the work. As they are deciding and sharing information about the creature our beast shows up at the bar and targets Hawley. Katrina things she may now be able to track the mystical energy of the creature and sets to work using a map that Crane and Abby have. The map trick works and they find out that it is Hawley they need to help right away and take off.

They arrive not a moment to soon as Hawley is fighting with the beast for his life. Crane arrives first and goes after the thing as it is sucking life from Hawley and Hawley is able to help himself as well with some mystical object that he pulls from his coat pocket. They chase the thing off before it kills Hawley and he has some smart mouthed things to say. Crane and Hawley have a little bit of a moment over Abby seems like Hawley may want to move on with the second sister too.

Crane admits he has been distracted when in the car with Abby. It seems that Abby needs to be a little bit of the Doctor Phil telling him that his relationship has to evolve and that people change, war and other things change them. This move into Crane awkwardly says he has to change his mind about Hawley and that he would accept if someone he knows would like to date the man he would not be adverse. Katrina is meanwhile having another vision nightmare with Henry and a baby cradle. Crane tries to be understanding and Katrina says that it does not seem possible, but she feels like a part of her is missing and elsewhere, she also then gets a vision about why the Succubus is feeding so much. She is confused but Crane asks if she can focus the visions so she gives it a try and sees things more clearly. That is how she sees the energy being collected is being used to nurture whatever was inside Katrina.

There is more arguing that Henry is bad according to Abby and not according to Katrina and Crane. Abby and Katrina have a big stand off and Crane has to step in. He manages to get the two ladies to step to their separate corners. This works because Abby finds out the exact name of the beast that they are going after. In order to destroy the creature and kill it’s body, they have to get the beast’s heart, which is kept in a different place. Once they find the heart and take care of it, they are able to kill the beast.

They need help to find the beast and so Crane goes and finds Hawley. Turns out that the deal Crane made involves Hawley getting a lock of the beast hair when they are able to take her down. Crane does not like the music in the club even a little bit, but it does not take long for them to delve into Crane asking what Hawleys intentions towards Abby are. He pretends not to be interested, but of course he is. From there it does not take long for the beast to show up and prepare to kill again.

Abby and Katrina have a moment as they talk about Henry in the graveyard looking for the heart. After talking about there being some things a Mother’s love can’t heal them find the hex symbols they are looking for. While they handle that Hawley and Crane spot the beast and have to keep her in their sights. When the girls find the heart it turns out there is a spell over the jar that is making them each see something different that they fear maggots for Abby and rats for Katrina. They get the heart, but will it be in time? Crane is cornered by the beast alone. She calls him out about his doubt in Katrina. The dagger he uses on the beat as she gets closer makes a blast go up and knock Katrina out and it does not take long after that for the beast to get on him, Hawley distracts it but that will not end well either. Abby picks up the spell and manages to get it to work and set that heart on fire. Crane is then able to kill the beast. Good day for Crane and Hawley.

Everything wrapped up in a nice little bow again. Katrina and Abby have bonded and Abby agrees they are stronger with Katrina on the team. Katrina knows she has to stop Malic and she has a plan to get close to Abraham again. Not only that, but she wants Abby to tell Crane. Ouch.

Abby goes and gives Hawley the fried up heart since he was not able to get any hair. Abby then has to tell Crane about Katrina. He takes it better than we could expect. He says that Abby was right that relationships need to evolve and not only is she his Wife whom he loves but a highly skilled operative. We see Abraham take her back easy enough and then go to talk to Henry about it. Henry takes it better than we could have thought and there is clearly something special about that necklace because Henry is happy she has it on. When she comes in however she gets very emotional when looking in the cradle which shows a lovely little baby and the necklace glows. Well, things may not go as planned with that.

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