Constantine Full Episode Recap: “Blessed Are the Damned”

Well, another week of fighting off the end of the world has arrived in Constantine and we open with a guy in a truck taking a box of what clearly sounds like snakes into a church in the middle of nowhere. Apparently the venom needs to be milked first and he gets told that by a woman, perhaps his wife, there are milked copperheads she would prefer him to use instead. He is insistent on using the rattlers to keep the church people happy.

When we come to the church sermon we see the man is not very good at his sermons he is good about preaching the snakes however. This writer has never understood these snake handler types, you are really just asking for it. The congregation is happy when he takes the snake out, of course, and doing their thing as happens, however he gets bit and drops down dead right there. I guess he wasn’t a true believer.

However, suddenly as everyone is crying and upset there is a feather looking object that appears in his hands and he comes back to life. That is one way to get the numbers to rise. Seems to be some kind of miracle because when a man that is missing half a leg comes up and asks to be touched his leg grows back. One could start cheering like everyone in the church but this is Constantine so might be best to withhold the applause.

Zed is taking an art class and they are working with nude models. While shes working, however she gets a feeling and looks down to see snakes wrapped around her legs this of course like it would any sane person causes her to scream. Class takes a 15 minutes break and he hot model comes and offers to get a cup of coffee with her when she turns him down asks about dinner. After some fidgeting about it, she gives him her number and a place and time. Smart girl he is very nice to look at. Then she runs off to tell John about what she saw he is complaining about things, but he stops when she says snakes. John already had info and the pair take off to Kentucky.

When they arrive the church is standing room only and far out the door. When John gets in the church he is watching the healing going on and John just says that suckers are easy prey. That is until they watch the burns and scars on a man disappear right before their eyes. The bishop then gets down on his knees and starts speaking in an odd language, which John says is the language of the angels. The man whos leg grew back is seeing a Doctor who is shocked and surprised, during the exam, however the guy is looking increasingly hot and sweaty and then his eyes go weird and he kicks the Doctor hard and then attacks him further by ripping his throat out. Ouch.

Zed finally gets in to talk to the preacher and after some hesitation, she gives him her hands. When she opens her eyes to see him she sees a holy light and what appears to be angelic wings. It leaves her looking stunned and John moves in. He of course asks the preacher where he learned the language of the angels. Of course he gets a general brush off of who are we to question the gifts of the lord. Meanwhile, on a road a cop is the next victim to our lunatic leg guy who is starting to now walk like an ape. While back at the church Zed gives John the run down of what she saw and how the preacher is true in his faith while John finds himself a nice bit of grilled corn on the cob. He points out to Zed that the healing energy will be taking an effect on the land and harming it, to prove that he leads her down to some water where there is nothing but dead fish and he sets about calling Manny the Angel buddy who chooses not to appear.

Inside the church the preachers wife is questioning where the power came from. Looks like she is not a blind believer in things and she is also getting sick, it sounds like, coughing and looking not good. Down at the water John is making himself an Angel summoning circle, his term is classic, “Alright, you wanker if you won’t come lets do this the hard way.” he even chooses to use the word please and that is when Manny appears using Zed this time. Manny makes John face the sun, saying that it will only make sense if you face the sun and then Manny is gone. John faces the sun and has Zed hum the song she heard and that is when a choir follows suit. John is happy about it, echo location as it turns out. When they arrive within the leaves on the ground is an Angel who stands but she is clearly injured a very injured angel.

After a moment of shock John and Zed bring her to a barn and make her as comfortable as possible. Her name is Imogen and she tells the story that she was taking a dying mortal to heaven and somehow he pulled a feather from her wings, bringing him back to life and causing her to fall to earth. Manny shows up, of course after they get that story and he comes to Imogen. Zed asks if Angels can die and Manny says that yes, they can while John declares they need to get the feather back. He also lays out a protection line. Zed wishes she could ask the angels questions, especially about where her powers came from.

Preacher man and his wife or maybe his sister, they have not really made it clear are having a bit of a fight over the information they get from the sheriff about Nate being a killer. She also refuses to allow him to heal her as she coughs up a spot of blood. After dark comes John confronts the preacher and lets him know that there is a lot of things going on not the least of which will be a dead Angel if he keeps the feather. When John reaches out to take the feather from him, it blasts him away. That is some bad news. Zed meanwhile, finds herself pulled screaming out of the tent by Nate the apeish leg healed man, but John shows up and they manage to kill him.

John and Manny use Zed to get closer to the preacher. She goes and says that she thinks John was wrong and she gets herself baptized and as she does she takes the feather. Not a moment to soon either because more healed people are getting nasty, when preacher tries to take the feather back it blasts him. They make a run for the church which if you ask me is not a great choice they need to get the feather to the Angel, John however, sends Zed out the back and she runs as fast as she can.

Problem is John finds out that preacher man has a mortal sin on his soul. He killed a man claiming it was a deer that is what he told himself. So he was not on his way to heaven when he saw the angel, but he was on his way to hell. While Imogen and Manny are talking they go on about how the humans have the planet and Imogen wants it back. While John declares they have to stop Zed from getting the feather back, but it is too late.

He can’t get away from the ghouls and powerful Imogen gets her blackness back and Manny declares what started to become obvious, she is fallen. The nice part is that the protection spell keeps evil in as well as it keeps other people out. Imogen was cast out because she killed a mortal. John is trying to get Manny to finally choose a side and it appears that he disappears until he appears in Zed and rips Imogens heart out. Manny finally chose a side.

Zed sadly missed her date because of everything that happened. Her handsome prince, however disappointed says he would be happy to meet her again. The bad news is that some creepy guy is in the back of his car and not happy she isn’t coming. Oh dear here is another fly in the ointment.

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