Donald Trump Demands Obama Resign Because Dr. Craig Spencer Was Diagnosed With Ebola in New York

Everyone has ways of expressing frustration or fear or maybe even both, the latest Donald Trump! He took to Twitter to blast the latest Ebola patient in the United States as “reckless” and demand that President Barack Obama resign over his Ebola policies.

Dr. Craig Spencer was diagnosed with the disease on Thursday after reporting symptoms earlier in the day. He had recently returned from Guinea, where he was treating Ebola patients for Doctors Without Borders.

Trump sent out the following tweet when news broke that Spencer was being tested for the disease:

Trump has repeatedly taken to Twitter and used his media appearances to call on Obama to ban travel from countries with active Ebola cases. He has also repeatedly denounced the president for failing to do so.

Last week, he called Obama “psycho” and said “I am starting to think that there is something seriously wrong with President Obama’s mental health” over his Ebola policies.

However, the World Health Organization, Red Cross and U.S. Centers for Disease Control say travel bans and border closures are not effective ways to stop the spread of disease.

“Those are not solutions,” Elhadj As Sy, Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said this week. “The only solution is how can we join our efforts to contain those kinds of viruses and epidemics at their epicenter, right where they start.”

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