The Last Tango In Halifax Christmas Special On TV

The Last Tango in Halifax Christmas Special on TV

The Last Tango in Halifax Christmas Special on TV

It gets worse as the matriarch of the blended family (played by Anne Reid) discovers that her Oxford-educated daughter (Sarah Lancashire) will moving from her independent school in Harrogate to be a head teacher in a state school.

The clip begins with septuagenarians Celia and Alan (Derek Jacobi) at the pub when Little Mix’s ‘Shout-out to my ex’ begins to play, which turns out to be Celia’s ringtone.

Caroline is at the other end of the phone and explains to her mother that she is selling her house where they all live to move to 36 miles down the road to Huddersfield.

She tells Celia: “You’re going to have to decide whether you want to move with me, or move in with Gillian and Robbie, or find a place of your own.”

The video then cuts to Gillian’s house in Halifax, with Gillian, Raff, Celia and Alan all gathered round a laptop, evidently googling Caroline’s new workplace.

To which Gillian sarcastically replied: “What like, where the ordinary people go?”

There promises to be lots of drama as the upheaval is sure to upset the wider family members involved.

Actress Sarah, who plays Caroline, previously revealed: “There’s a lot of friction in the episodes and it’s not a cosy Christmas.”

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