‘Scandal’ Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: Olivia Tries To Save ‘An Innocent Killer’

It is time to head back into the scandalous hot seat that is Scandal we open with live swimming and trying to outrun the memories she is having of her with her various lovers. The first flashes we have are with Jake and the next is with Fitz and they continue to flip back and forth throughout this session. I think it is time for Liv to make up her mind, when she comes up out of the pool her Father is there and says my God Olivia wake up. This causes her to wake up from her dream. Abby as it turns out, stayed overnight, perhaps we will now see mending between them. Liv turns out called the President all night and he won’t take her calls typical.

Fitz meanwhile, has bashed his hands so much on Jake’s face that they are busted and swollen and he has them in ice. That is when Melly appears dressed nicely like the first Lady should be again and Fitz looks like the slob, Melly says “Want me to have the Chef send up some fried chicken?” it would seem the table has turned there. Meanwhile a former President died and Melly is planning the funeral. From there we see Liv entering a facility and going through a great deal of trouble to get in, she has been called in to talk to a man who tried to kill a President. He claims that he didn’t do it and apparently there is a bullet that is still in Cooper’s (the former President) head. This is the way to prove that this man was not the one who shot. To be fair Liv does not say no, right away.

Cyrus is with his hooker friend when the announcement comes across about the dead President. The guy was 7 when the man was shot but that does not seem to phase Cyrus, who then says he is having an apartment set up for him, secure line, bank account get new clothes all that. Oh look at Cyrus with his kept boy. Who he has no idea was sent in to nail him on something. The harpy who sent the man in paying him off and says a pleasure doing business with you until he drops more information on her. Turns out he wants to renegotiate the terms of their agreement. This is why you don’t do work with hookers.

When Abby goes into work she drops the shoe and says she needs to talk to Fitz about Jake. He gets in a mood and asks if the media has asked and pulls rank on her. Abby gets clearly nervous, but then she points out that she is not asking the commander in chief. No she is asking the married man who used to sleep with her friend what happened to the man she is currently sleeping with. Well said Abby! Fitz of course has a fit at her and she does not back down and points out his bruised knuckles. Abby says she knows she is overstepping but says that he may not know what it sounds like when Olivia wakes up from a nightmare, but she does and its awful so please tell her what is happening. Then Abby hightails it out. Well done to her.

Quinn comes up to Huck, who is playing some games and having fun doing it. She asks if he has done any work on the key she found. He has but not a whole lot of work there is a lot of places it could be. That is when Liv arrives and they have to hit the books about the man who supposedly shot President Cooper. Quinn and Huck basically say that yes there could be a second shooter on the grassy knoll. The problem is there is no way to get that bullet until they remember Cooper died of a stroke which could have been caused by the bullet. They go in to try to get their client to become charged with murder, doing that would allow them to have an autopsy and get the bullet. The man is up for parole in years, but in the end he says he wants the truth to come out. Looks like he is about to be charged with Murder. The quote the man used about the truth needing to come out was said by Liv as it turns out.

Melly really does not want to meet with President Cooper’s widow, but she ends up having to. Melly has her game face on and gets pictures taken the meeting with everyone else around them being chipper and happy. Turns out the widow did not like her Husband all that much and is going to be planning, she even says Melly needs to go and crochet or do something like vaccinate fat kids. Wow the widow is kinda cool and funny, no one usually talks to Melly that way.

Meanwhile the witch working on getting Cyrus gone drops the information she got as a “rumor” on a news show and Cyrus sees it. He then informs Abby that Fitz wants her gone and all he needs is one small reason that can be put on an HR form. So Abby now has to do whatever Cyrus has to do she has to find the cause and she is asking Liv for help. The call gets interrupted when Fitz shows up at Liv’s place.

Fitz calls Abby a bitch and Liv lays into him about it, then demands to see Jake. Fitz shows Liv a great deal of information from a file that he copied for her, that sets Jake up to look guilty. She is still insisting on seeing Jake however. Once Fitz leaves, she downs, some wine. Starting to look like she has a little bit of trouble with drinking. The next morning, however everyone is doing the press mambo! The mambo works they get the murder charges pushed forward.

As Melly has a meeting with the Widow Cooper she finds out that she was the one who ran the country during her Husband’s terms. He had ADD and could not focus on much. Well, good for her, but she does not want to be remembered as the wife of a man who did great things. Fitz has a meeting with Liv’s Dad, where Rowan is asking to discipline his dog. Apparently now Jake is nothing but a trained dog to be dealt with or kept in a yard. Ouch. Fitz has grand plans of having Jake taken care of before the world right down to his death. Rowan then encourages Fitz to let Liv see Jake that she can see what needs to be seen so the manipulation becomes clear to her. Well, we know Dad is manipulating Fitz. Sometimes you really just want to punch that guy in the face.

As the episode keeps winding its way Liv gets the autopsy that she wanted, but prepares her client for what could happen. He seems to have a positive outlook. The secret service come and pick Liv up then and take her to see Jake. He looks a bloody mess and it truly does shock her, but she is not allowed to approach him. Jake gives her information about an offshore account he wants the money in it to go to his Mom. Jake has accepted that he is going to die and he is sure Liv thinks he is as guilty as everyone else does. He also tells her that not choosing him is okay. This writer might be the only one who wishes she would pick Jake.

When the ballistics come back on the gun it turns out, without a doubt that it was the man’s gun. When Liv goes ahead and confronts him and then the mans demeanor changes. Liv is in shock and tears as he rants on about being a loser. He is sick and never wanted to be remembered as a failed assassin. She also wants to take the death penalty off the table with David as he gloats. She goes on to ask David to help Jake, but turns out he has been taken from DOJ. Liv’s Dad then gloats to him about how he will make sure he will die a nobody and confesses how he played Fitz like a fiddle to get what he wanted. Yes, he really needs to be punched in the face.

Abby lets Fitz know that Liv is there to see him where she confronts him about handing Jake over to her Father. Liv has to confess that there is hope they could be a couple again if Fitz does not hand Jake over to her Father. If he does hand Jake over there is no hope she makes that clear. Meanwhile Melly grabs the reigns and says that the military bases will not be closed. So now Fitz can’t. Cyrus has a fit at Abby about not finding the leak. She instead finds out his little love nest issues and points out that it is very likely the leak came from his “back door”. The game that Huck is playing and has been playing all episode turns out to be with his Son, indeed a very important well done Huck! Quinn, however finally finds the locker that has files of Olivia. They are hunting Olivia. While Jake gets another visit from Fitz and finds out he is being transferred to super max. You saw that coming only one person can play Fitz better than Rowan that is life. Dad comes down to her at the pool and confronts her about crossing him, she says he might be Command but she has weapons that he can’t possibly have.

A strong episode this week that gave us some more look at the big plot and had an interesting smaller plot. Overall, it keeps getting better with Scandal this season.

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