High-End Fashion & the US-Sino Trade War

There have been a number of speculations that will happen to high-end and luxury brands once they come into the US-Sino Trade War. Will the brands suffer or will they benefit from it somehow? As the war has made Chinese consumers think negatively about the ongoing war, the answer may come as a surprise to you – yes, some luxury brands are definitely going to benefit from the US-Sino Trade War!

Chinese consumers have a huge social media presence, they are aware of the worldwide fashion trends and China itself has a very strong fashion e-commerce presence with websites such as dhgate, which helps the Chinese express their lifestyle and fashion choices.

They are lovers of luxury fashion, and brands in China including Ralph Lauren and Tiffany, are bound to profit from the US-Sino Trade War. American brands have made a strong presence in the Chinese community and have changed the way individuals and families dress up, eat and even entertain themselves.

Americans brands that have changed their strategies and have introduces luxury e-commerce websites have massively benefited in China, even though they do not have a very strong demand in the European market which is the hub of fashion.

US fashion brands and designers have built up their portfolios and have reached out to the masses which has doubled their demand. The US-Sino Trade War is effecting these brands – positively!


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