Digital Games Become India’s Revenue Trendsetters

The Indian digital gaming has been growing steadily over the past years. The demand for new games packed with challenge, fantastic user interface and innovative gameplay is the need of the hour. Today, India has over 200 game development companies and has a minimum of 2 startups coming up each month. The digital gaming market is all set to give the country a double digit CAGR with the maximum revenue coming from mobile games.

Smartphones on the rise

The mobile phone base in the country is among the highest worldwide and with the rising internet penetration, the adoption to digital games has seen a steady increase. The mobile internet accessibility has become both budget friendly and fast, strengthening the market growth and giving the players the freedom to play digitally downloadable games without any speed problems. So, not only games can be downloaded smoothly, but also there is no buffering or hanging issues when playing online mobile games.

With mobile games becoming the most common form of entertainment, companies like Paytm, Nazara Technologies, Tencent and others are investing in the Indian gaming market. This is one industry that is all set to put India on the global map. There are popular localized content with rummy game, ludo and others that have taken the gaming industry by storm. What players need are fast, simple yet challenging gameplay.

Rise in Income

Another factor that has contributed to the adoption of digital games is the rise in disposable income, along with favourable government initiatives taking the country towards the big Digital India dream. It has not only embraced digital entertainment but also given a boost to the overall growth of the market. The rapid economic growth has led to a significant increase in the size of middle class India and with the rising household incomes, the disposable income has also increased. As per recent research, the middle class will account for over 59% of India’s total consumption by 2025. This increase in spends and income is not limited only to the metros but is also there in tier 2 and 3 cities. As India, confidently moves forward on its high growth path, it is expected that the country will become the world’s fifth largest consumer market by 2025.

India’s consumer story is getting shaped by 440 million millennials and over 390 million Gen Z. What it is giving us is diverse consumers with different consumption requirements that are emerging as we go along. Spending on games is not something that the players are hesitant about. What they simply want is value for money. With more of spending capacity, the players want quality for the time and money they are spending.

Exposure to technology and online platforms

Even though mobile games make almost 85% of the complete digital game consumption, the other platforms are equally important. Today, the players have an exposure to technology and don’t hesitate in enjoying games on multiple online platforms. The user interface is simple and adapting to games super easy. Just following the simple instructions are enough to get you started in no time. Most of the digital games are available online and it doesn’t require any difficult software installation or lot of space on your PC. Just going onto a website and getting started is all that’s required. Just a quick rummy download or in fact any gaming app, can get you connected with millions of players and take you to the world of exciting gameplay. Enjoying games with so much ease has also led to the quick adaptability of games.

The limitations in the way

Even though internet and smartphone penetration have grown in the country, it is still limited in the suburban and rural areas. This is one big reason that is affecting the growth of digital games in the country. Even with games available in localized content, it is the limited technological advancement that is stopping the reach.

Also, the prevalence of piracy also acts as a deterrent to the growth of the industry. Easy access to pirated games enables the users to play games for free or at a comparatively lower cost. This leads to game downloads from unauthorized sites and spreading of viruses on the devices as well.

Download of games from official game website or from Google Play Store or Apple Store is the safest way to have any application on your device. However, this is one place where awareness is limited. Just as gamers have got smart with the gameplay, in the similar way, they need to be more aware about the source of the original game as well.


Games are maturing, evolving and are getting continuously reinterpreted. It is not only a source of entertainment but also a platform where the player is evolving as well. Players cannot help but learn while they experience any game. By the mere act of playing a game, the players learn about the game system, its rules, boundaries, its constraints and possibilities. With Digital India, the adaptation to games have increased and also the confidence in adaptation of games as a form of entertainment. Now what is all set to take India forward is the spending power of the modern India.


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