A Drone Worth $1,400 Carrying 6 Pounds of Crystal Meth Crashes near Tijuana at the US/Mexico Border

With Amazon looking to deliver packages via a drone and with Google pouring money into using drones for varioa purposes. Another industries is already actively using drones – the drug cartels in Mexico.

A drone worth $1,400 marketed to filmmakers crashed in Tijuana (checkout the pictures below) carrying crystal methamphetamine in six packages that had a combined weight of just under three kilos, law enforcement officials report.

The packages were taped together, and had a combined street value that far exceeded that of the unfortunate drone.

From reading the manufacturer’s website, it sounds like the drug traffickers overestimated the load capacity.

According to the LA Weekly:

Law enforcement sources said the crash was unprecedented.

The downed device was reported at 9 p.m. in the parking lot a Zona Rio neighborhood supermarket and strip mall that abuts the busiest border crossing in the world, said a Baja California state official who did not want his name published.

The six-propeller, lithium-battery powered drone was a 35-inch wide Spreading Wings 900 by DJI, he said. It lists online for about $1,400. DJI says the device is intended for use by professional filmmakers.

Here’s a promotional video for the DJI Spreading Wings S900. It would be very funny if someone re-edited this to make it an ad for Mexican drug cartels, or Walter White.

The video clearly says it holds “almost 5 pounds of equipment,” not 6 pounds of meth. Read the manual next time, dudes.



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