Agents of SHIELD Season 4 – “The Ghost” Review

Agents of SHIELD Marvel is leaning hard on Ghost Rider join in Season 4 as a hook to get people watching the show, so it makes sense that taking Gabriel Luna on Robbie Reyes would be introduced right at the beginning of the premiere, “The Ghost. ”

It was the right decision not to force viewers to wait to see the Marvel superhero fire, and that proved to be the best part of SHIELD around.

The difference made by the Agents of the screen change to a time interval 10 p.m. met most notably through the Ghost Rider story arc; there is a whole lot more blood this season and a darker overall aesthetics.

Thinking about season 1 premiere (which was in a 20:00 time interval), it is clear how agents of SHIELD has matured over the years, and given the success of the darkest Marvel example of Netflix, is a smart move for ABC series to be most similar tonal. It also helps Ghost Rider looks great.

It could have been risky to go for a flaming skull inspired-Blaze Johnny head character rather Skull Motorcycle Robbie Reyes helmet look of comics movement, but the whole presentation looked fantastic and sold the scarier side character.

The darker shade works best when it means the series is free of its previously cheerful demeanor.

Much has changed after the jump Once finished season 3, and not all of it for the better. Fitz is now keeping the lie Simmons, the team is divided, Coulson is no longer director of SHIELD and the person who replaced him does not have much love in his heart for the ragtag bunch that came before him.

Then there’s Daisy, who is so determined not to lose another close person to her that she is still evading attempts to bring Coulson, and has become a bit of a guard in the process.

It would have been easy to find Mack Coulson and Daisy at the premiere and try to bring her back to SHIELD, but it’s much more interesting to have it on the tail of Robbie. Although viewers have seen tested hard in recent years to find their place within SHIELD, it is much more faithful to the personality Daisy she emerge as a loner.

Having pulled her deeper into the world of guards through the ghost of revenge mission rider feels more true to his trip to see his return back to SHIELD – as stated repeatedly, everyone has something to He wants, and he is doing his best not to fall into that trap again.

Back at the base, there is a lot to do with the tensions between the different team members of SHIELD. May, Fitz Simmons and settled on the place where one would expect, although it is very fun and interesting that Simmons is now the oldest member of the staff. Mack and Coulson become a very fun couple, and I heard that there will be some great scenes shotgun ax to come.

Agents of SHIELD has cut its cast lot in the last year, the season premiere 4 does not feel as fluffy as it would have last year with Yo-Yo, Radcliffe and his new Life Model Decoy AIDA and Robbie Reyes balance the Ensemble, but there is still a lot to do with a limited amount of real estate episode.

There are some balance problems through the premiere of SHIELD agents try to cram in a lot of information at a time ranging from very scientific to very magical. (What’s in the box best guess:! A spirit of revenge).

Hopefully the two seemingly disparate sides of the sandbox Marvel better mix later in the season as the very analytical Fitz and Simmons are trying to wrap their minds around possessions and visions and anything else that the story of Ghost Rider is cooking.

As for the tone of the series, darkness works for Ghost Rider, but there are some growing pains defined as the other facets of the experiment with freedom and time interval.

The increase in blood and violence was a bit jarring after three seasons of relatively less intense action, but he was true to the direction of SHIELD is directed.

What did not fit were so close-ups Daisy dress; These pants come up, shirt-come-in sequences they are familiar to add sexuality in TV shows and movies ways, but SHIELD has done a great job setting Daisy as an attractive character without representing this way unsubtle.

Hopefully the inclusion of more overt sexuality on the show feels a bit more organic to the show as it continues to explore the new territory of the hour 10 p.m. this season.

SHIELD agents go into a darker, edgier new chapter of its travel at station 4 tone, and some of these new elements – specifically Ghost Rider – work very well.

There are some growing pains with the transition from space show in a bloodier, more attractive time, but the advantage is that eventually allow feels more comfortable with their corporate cousins Netflix more.

Fortunately, the change in tone allows agents including Ghost Rider SHIELD not be affected by the placement of its primetime television.

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