The Navy Seal Who Shot Bin Laden Is Being Investigated for Potentially Leaking Classified Info

The Navy SEAL who has publicly come out to take credit for shooting Osama bin Laden in that infamous raid that make headlines, Robert O’Neill, is being investigated for potentially leaking classified information.

Robert O’Neill was one of the members of SEAL Team Six that raided bin Laden’s compound in 2011, and last month he went public and gave an extensive interview with Fox News. A former Navy SEAL on Fox, at the time, had criticized O’Neill for both going public and for divulging classified information.

And it’s on that latter point where O’Neill, according to a new Daily Beast report, could be in trouble, because the Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating allegations that he “revealed classified information to persons not authorized to receive such information.”

They are investigating whether those allegations have any merit.

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