Viking Introduces 50TB SSD For the Data Centre

Viking Technology, a leading global supplier of non-volatile memory solutions including DRAM and solid state drives, has launched a new line of Ultra High Capacity (UHC) solid state drives for the data center.

The Viking Silo SSD offers up to 50TB of storage capacity in a 3.5″ form factor and standardized SAS interface, along with a plug-and-play 6Gb/s SAS interface. UHC SSDs are also available in a 25TB version, with an endurance of 1 drive write per day (DWPD) for up to five years.

The Silo SSD active power usage is only 16 watts, with idle power consumption under 10 watts, allowing lower power usage per terabyte combined with increased storage capacity per rack in the compact, high-storage unit.

The company notes that the unit has been built specifically for energy efficiency, making it ideal for large scale data processing including big data, digital imaging and media, and cloud computing, as well as external storage and cold storage in the data center.

Advantages to the Viking Silo UHC SSD include the potential to achieve over 5 PB storage per rack, 70 times higher write IOPS than a standard 15k HDD, and an easy-to-use, plug and play format with any chassis that currently supports a 15k SAS HDD.

The Viking Silo UHC SSD, powered by a next-generation flash processor, is intended to help customers to migrate to flash memory. Customers transitioning data centers to SSD processing can save power, space, and cooling costs of up to 80% per terabyte, according to the company announcement of product availability.

Viking Technology President Hamid Shokrgozar claimed in the press release that the Viking UHC Silo SSD is the highest capacity SSD solution currently available.

“These drives enable data center administrators to easily migrate to SSD performance, along with a tremendous increase in capacity,” he said. “With space and cooling being critical drivers for today’s data centers, these advantages are a game changer.”

The new product release follows this month’s announcement that the CEO of Viking parent company Sanmina will be stepping down in October, filling the role of executive chairman and handing the reins of the company over to the current CFO.

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