Semi-Nude Mavericks High School Principal Allegedly Caught Smoking Marijuana With Student in Car

The principal of Mavericks High School in Florida was caught in a car with a student allegedly smoking marijuana with her shirt unbuttoned.

45-year-old Krista Morton and the student were both charged with possession of marijuana. Morton was released from jail Thursday. The student remains at the jail on $1,000 bail, the Sentinel reports. The student in the car is a senior at the Palm Springs school.

North Palm Beach Police were called to a parking lot Wednesday around 5:45 p.m. “The caller was unsure but thought that there were people in the back seat engaged in some sort of sexual activity or being attacked,” police said.

When a sergeant knocked on the door, Morton, who has wings tattooed on her lower back, opened it and immediately said, “We’re just friends,” according to police. Morton’s shirt was unbuttoned, exposing her shoulders and part of her chest, the police department said.

Morton told police she didn’t know the male in the car. “She continued to tell me that she had just met him, that she was lonely, she had just picked him up down the street and brought him here to get to know him,” police said.

But, the student, who is 18 years old, admitted she was his principal. Police could smell “the odor of fresh burnt marijuana coming from inside the vehicle,” the arrest report says.

Morton didn’t admit to smoking but did say marijuana was smoked in the car. Police found a bag with marijuana, a lighter and rolling papers pushed underneath the back side of the passenger seat.

The student also had a grinder, additional lighters and a small screwdriver. Both Morton and the student were arrested.

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