Cleveland Mom Tried To Sell Her Daughter for $500

Liz Gayton, a 25-year-old cleveland mother is in jail, accused of trying to sell her 10-month-old daughter. To see how far she would go, her family set up a sting.

Relatives say Liz Gayton, tried to sell the girl to a cousin this past weekend. They were just steps from their grandmother’s house at the time.

“And then Susie came back in and said ‘I don’t believe that girl. She told me if I give her $400 or $500, she’ll let me have Annabelle,'” said Sally Gayton, a grandparent.

Gayton said she and her granddaughter then hatched a plan.

“So she came back out talking to her. And she told her ‘well, drop her off at my house tomorrow and I’ll have the money for you.””

The next day, the deal allegedly went down along Detroit Avenue on the near West Side. By then, police were involved.

“And so she gave her the baby. And as soon as she done that, then police stepped right in and arrested her,” Gayton said.

Relatives say Liz Gayton had problems with drugs and the debt to go with it, which is why she may have needed the money.

She has been charged with kidnapping and child endangerment. Her daughter remains in the custody of her grandmother.

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