Ancient Egyptian Bronze Cat Head Auctioned for $80,000 after Nearly Being Thrown Away.

An ancient Egyptian bronze cat’s head was found in a house in England and went on to be auctioned for $80,000 after nearly being thrown away.

The bronze bust is thought to be some 2,500 years old and originated in Egypt, according to reports from the BBC.

The cat was discovered in a house clearance in Cornwall, southern England. The owners had no idea of the cat’s worth and were going to throw the unwanted item away.

But despite being unloved the cat was in fact a precious artifact dating back to between 700 and 500 B.C. It was probably commissioned by a high-ranking Egyptian, said experts.

It was authenticated by an Egyptian expert at the British Museum. The cat was auctioned in London. It had only been expected to fetch around $20,000 and has been bought by a “prominent London dealer.”

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