Aretha Franklin Sing National Anthem and Reacts On Twitter

Note to self: If Aretha Franklin sings the national anthem at the next Super Bowl, bet the over.

Franklin, one of the greatest singers ever, sang the national anthem before the Detroit Lions’ home game against the Minnesota Vikings. That’s a pretty good get for the Lions before their big Thanksgiving game.

Franklin sat at her piano, adjusted the microphone … and sang the anthem for about four minutes. It seemed even longer.

??Y’all better let Aretha Franklin sing this National Anthem. No interruptions. Happy Thanksgiving! #MINvsDET #NFL

The anthem generally takes about half that long, or less. OddsShark said before Super Bowl 50 that the average time of the previous 10 Super Bowl national anthems was 1:57 (yes, for the uninformed, Las Vegas offers prop bets on how long the Super Bowl anthem will be).

And singers generally take a little extra time at the Super Bowl, when performing for 100 million people or so. Franklin sang the national anthem at Super Bowl XL with Aaron Neville, also at Ford Field, and the time was an efficient 2:08 according to OddsShark. Apparently when she’s solo she feels like stretching it out a bit.

And you know people had jokes.

Aretha Franklin just made the national anthem last about as long as it took Francis Scott Key to write it

Aretha Franklin just took so long with the national anthem that both teams have to warm up again

Aretha Franklin just took so long to sing the anthem that a kneeling Colin Kaepernick forgot what he was protesting #DETvsMIN

My turkey fully cooked during that anthem. ??

And there were a few who reminded people that Franklin has earned the right to sing the anthem twice as long as normal if she pleases.

Aretha Franklin is one of the few people that can sing the national anthem as long she wants

Note to national anthem singers: only Aretha can get away with that, so don’t get any ideas #respect

Say this about Franklin’s rendition: It was more memorable than most anthems we’ve heard.

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