Australian Doctors Is Seeking a World Record for the Most Boob Jobs Performed in One Day.

A doctor in the Australia’s Gold Coast is seeking to take out a world record for the most boob jobs performed in one day.

Four months ago medical tourism company CosMediTour launched the Breast Academy, offering cheap boob job holidays on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Today, the company decided to spruik the fact they were performing 23 breast augmentation procedures, saying the company was driving tourism for the city, The Gold Coast Bulletin reports.

The promotion has caused a backlash amongst health professionals in Australia who say it is taking away from the importance of surgery.

“To somehow trivialise these procedures doesn’t sound like the appropriate thing to do,” said Dr Shaun Rudd from the Australian Medical Association Queensland.

But Gold Coast Medical Association president Dr Gary Swift has defended the volumous goal, calling it okay provided the quality doesn’t suffer.

“The most important aspect is if they’re providing a quality service with senior supervision, so it’s probably not so important the number of cases they do,” he told The Gold Coast Bulletin.

The academy is run by qualified plastic surgeons who oversee procedures.

CosMediTour director Christyna Kruczaj said the record was proof of the company’s reputation.

“More Aussie ladies are placing their trust in the skills of the Breast Academy’s plastic surgeons on this day for their breast augmentations than in any other clinic, anywhere,” Ms Kruczaj said.

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