Best 12 Things airports should offer

Whether it’s a direct flight or a connecting flight, people usually spend as much time on airports as they do on the airplane. Despite online check-in option, you still have to reach the hospital a few hours before the flight. This is why airports have to be relaxing and comfortable.

If you travel a lot then you may be particularly aware of the troubles and inconvenience you face at the airport. They are full of hustle and bustle, which may get  little too much for some.

We have compiled a list of twelve things an airport should have, all of which you’d probably agree on

1 Conveyance Services

Airports should offer valet parking and conveyance services so that passengers do not have to worry about carrying their luggage.

Trolleys can also be helpful here. Ataturk Airport, for example, has a paid trolley system. You put the coin and the trolley is yours to use.

Another way you can assist people is to offer self-service trains that travelers can use to get from the parking to the terminal. This can be particularly helpful for people of old age or travelers who have a lot of luggage as it makes transporting luggage easier.

2 Fast Track Security Checkup

Security checkup lines can be frustrating, tiring, and take too much of your time. An airport must have a fast track security checkup line for loyal customer to help them avoid the frustration and inconvenience.

Most airlines offer such services for business and first class customers but airports can also make a move.

Moreover, the security checkup could have separate line for people without laptops or liquids for faster screening. 

3 Help Desks

According to a survey, almost 35% of travelers in the US said that they find it difficult to find amenities in the limited time window they have.

Airports should have help desks to provide assistance to the travelers and help them find what they are looking for. This can be very helpful if someone is visiting the airport for the first time.

Dubai International Airport seems to have mastered the art. It does not only have help desks at every corner, it also have interactive systems designed to help travelers find the right gate and other such information.

4 Affordable Priced Shops

The first thing that comes to mind when people think of airports are overpriced products and services. This can make travelers uncomfortable.

Implementing a fair price policy can help change this. Airports such as Boston Logan are already practicing such a policy.

If however, the fair pricing is not possible due to the high maintenance cost of the airport, a higher quality service that lives up to the price should at least be offered.

5 Charging Ports

It’s the 21st century and everything has gone digital, which means that our electronics need charging. This can be extremely important especially if you’re travelling for business and need your devices charged.

While most airports offer this facility, some still need an upgrade. Terminal B at San Jose International Airports is a good example of how to handle such things. However, users should carry charges, HDMI cables, and other such items as airports may not always provide chargers, too. Koincable can be a good option to purchase such things.

6 Give the Airport a Local and Cultural Look

Most of the airports have the same generic chains of restaurants and shops offering the same bland products and services.

Giving the airport a cultural look can be helpful.

Some airports, such as San Francisco International Airport,have local food chains such as Just Dessert, Boudin Bakery, and Firewood Café available on the airport.

This can particularly be an amazing experience for people with connecting flights who get to delve into the cultural diversity of a place they weren’t planning of visiting. 

7 Sitting and Sleeping Facilities

Whether it’s a connecting flight or a delayed flight due to bad weather, you will need a sleeping corner to relax.

Most airlines offer lounges that are for business class or first class passengers only. Airports can, however, also offer their own lounges to travelers, or at least have benches that are comfortable and come with a compartment for luggage.

In addition to this, airports can have sleeping pods as well. Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport in Netherland, for example, have comfortable pots that can be hired for a few hours.

8 Free Wi-Fi

Airports should offer WiFi services to all the visitors. Sadly, only few appear to be providing such services.

We live in the digital era, the internet is one of huge importance. Travelers do not want to pay to use the internet and should be offered this facility.

9 Bathrooms

Airports should have neatly managed bathrooms. Travelers get tired waiting for their flight and need a restroom to freshen up.

While lounger offer toilets and even extravagant bathrooms, only members or priority travelers can have access to these. Hence, airports should also have their own bathrooms.

10 Self Check-in

Airports should have self check-in counters to save time. These can be very useful for travels who do not carry checked luggage.

11 Multiple Languages

Airports offer an amazing diversity. There are people from all around the world, and they may not understand the local language. This is why all announcements should be made in multiple languages including the local language and English.

12 Things to Do

Airports should offer travelers something to do. Look at the newly upgraded Singapore Airport. It has everything from a park to a pool, which has helped it become the top rated airport in the world.

It is also technology advanced and allows great ease. Other airports can learn a lot from this beauty.


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