Best Water Rafting Trails in Colorado

Best Water Rafting Trails in Colorado: For those with an adventurous spirit, extreme sports are always the best kind of activity to enjoy. In Colorado, there are many places where you can get a rush of adrenaline. This includes activities like hiking the high plains, canyoneering, and even cycling through long roadless forest sections.

However, one of the most sought-after activities is white water rafting Colorado. This activity takes anyone in for a challenge, even those who consider themselves brave. Colorado is filled with river trails from smooth running to downright rapid and challenging. Here are the best river trails to experience white water rafting:

Best Water Rafting Trails in Colorado

Best Water Rafting Trails in Colorado

The Arkansas River

One of the popular choices by enthusiasts is the Arkansas River. It stretches for at least 2,000 kilometers and is considered to be the 6th longest river in America. This playground for adventurers traverses across four American states, which include Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

The Bighorn Sheep Canyon

If you want to enjoy the scenery and have a good look at the majestic canyons, then the Bighorn Sheep Canyon is the perfect trail for white water rafting in Colorado. The path is the ideal adventure for everyone who wants to enjoy a calm river and savor in the canyon view.

This trail is also an excellent choice for those who wish to learn about local fauna and flora. Experiencing these witnesses to the mountain’s history is enough, even without having to power through a vapid river.

The Bighorn Sheep Canyon

The Colorado River

The river, which stretches for almost 1,500 miles, is one of the most popular tourist destinations attracting over 22,000 enthusiasts every year. No rafting adventure in Colorado can be complete without visiting the Colorado River. This is because of its versatility in the areas where waters can be rapid.

The Colorado River offers the perfect spot for those who are awaiting a good rafting challenge. It also has areas where streams are serene, which is ideal for tourists who wish to enjoy Colorado nature.

The Colorado River

The Clear Creek

If your Colorado trip was a last-minute plan and you are looking for a rafting adventure that you can do right off the bat, then the Clear Creek is the best place to go. The river is very convenient to go to as it is located 15-minutes away from Denver. The Clear Creek is a narrow river that makes traversing easier, perfect for a group of friends and family.

The Rio Grande River

As the fifth largest river in the United States, the Rio Grande River is also a must-see for every tourist visiting Colorado. The river, which means “The Great River of the North,” stretches for at least 1900 miles and is the 20th longest river in the world.

When rafting through the Rio Grande River, you get to pass the beautiful San Juan Mountains with a very healthy plant life. The waters of the Rio Grande River also varies. Experienced rafters go through the upper box portion of the river while those who like a calmer experience, opt to pass through the lower stretch.

There are tons of other river trails in which rafting enthusiasts can go. Colorado is a playground for daredevils and adventurers who wants to connect with nature.

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