Call of Duty Player and YouTuber Has Died

Friends of Phillip ‘Phizzurp’ Klemenov, 23, is honored in social networks, along with the wider game and the YouTube community.

The professional player shared his final sequence with fans yesterday Twitch gaming service.

But the news of his death broke on social networking sites this morning.

His girlfriend Adrianna tweeted: “I fell in love with you and I will never fall out of it.”

In an emotional video, posted on Twitter, she says he died following a car crash.

This is my last tweet for awhile. @PHiZZURP I love you. You’ll always be my bestfriend. You put me in the position I’m in today. Forever ❤️??

She said: “I am making this video to let all of you guys know that Phil and I and his best friend were in a car accident today.

“Phil lost control of the car, we flipped into a pole and through three trees. I was the only one that was conscious and I just want to let you guys know.

“He was a great guy he did not deserve this. Phil is such a good man and I loved him so much. He was so kind.”

And fans have reacted to the news with shock.

Rest in peace brother, you will be missed @PHiZZURP

Rip to @PHiZZURP he was like a brother to me prayers go out to him and his family you will be missed love you bro

Such sad news to wake up to. Condolences go out to Phil’s family and friends. Rest easy, @PHiZZURP. #RIPPHIZZURP ?

Phil provided me with many memorable moments throughout the years, both in and out of the game. He will be missed. #RIPPHIZZURP

Phillip was a member of the H2K gaming team, who all play games professionally and compete in global tournaments for huge cash prizes.

His biography on their website reads: “Phizzurp is the most tenured player in our CoD squad.

“Phil is hailed as one of the most versatile players around and in addition to his success on the competitive field, he has attracted a loyal fan base through his YouTube channel.

“Having been a part of Quantic, FeaR and Strictly Business, Phizzurp is now sporting the H2K colours in search for more silverware and podium finishes.”

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