Juan Mata Meet Disabled Fan At Old Trafford

Juan Mata has yet again proven he’s the nicest man in world football by surprising a young disabled fan outside Old Trafford.

The clip above has been doing the rounds online prior to Manchester United’s Premier League tie against Stoke.

As seen in the video, Mata can be see jogging past fans and security to reach the young boy – who holds out his arms in excitement.

The Spaniard has previously criticised modern football for being too commercial and lacking a heart, and he certainly showed the way forward on Sunday morning.

After being hailed by a boy in a wheelchair outside Old Trafford, Mata promptly walked over before speaking to the boy and taking a picture together.

United’s number eight gives the fan a hug and a rub on the belly before greeting, who we assume, is the child’s father.

Clearly in a rush, Mata still has time to pose for a photo with the fan.

The midfielder also exchanged a quick word with the youngster’s fellow fan to cheers from the watching crowd.

Following the meet, the father and United star look as though they exchange details. Mata then jogs to get on the United team bus.

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