Check Out The All-Black ‘Lamborghini’ Chicken

Despite what you might think, the poor chap in the picture above isn’t the victim of a horrible oil spill. Oh no, he’s a very rare Ayam Cemani chicken, and he’s black from the inside out.

The bird’s eyes, mouth and tongue are all jet black, and amazingly the unusual colour runs right through their bodies, with their bones, meat and organs also being black.

Native to Indonesia, they get their colouring from a natural generic trait known as fibromelanosis.

It isn’t hard to see why they’re referred to as the “Lamborghini” of the bird-world, with their sleek black feathers and downright mysterious looks.

Although they’re pretty cool, we’ll probably stick to the normal ones for now as one of these bad boys will set you back a naughty $2,500 (£1,519).




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