Coinbase is giving out $10 worth of Bitcoins to College Students Around the World

Coinbase, the bitcoin start up based in San-Francisco announced on Wednesday that for a limited time, they’ll be giving away $10 worth of bitcoin to college students who create a new Coinbase account with a valid .edu email address.

The offer applies to universities around the world (not just in the United States), and Coinbase says they’ve done well to include the top 500 universities around the globe.

“We believe that getting more young scholars thinking about and transacting in bitcoin will help spur the growth of the ecosystem and contribute to the ever-increasing creative ways bitcoin is being used to make the world a better place,” the company wrote on their blog.

It’s all in attempts of raising awareness of Bitcoin amongst the college crowd — and so far, the results have reportedly been positive.

See, Coinbase apparently started this new program a few days ago, and already they’ve seen a pretty good response.

The schools with the highest number of students who opened accounts with their school email addresses are (top five, from lowest to highest): Drexel University (172 paid), Purdue University (172 paid), Berkeley University of California (232 paid), The University of Texas (290 paid), and The University of Illinois (496 paid).

Interestingly enough, MIT was 9th on the list with 58 students paid.

Users must be 18 or older to participate, be an active student with a valid .edu email address, and can only participate once.

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