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Creepy Clown Break Internet Responds With #IfISeeAClown - Netloid™ The title of the page

Creepy Clown Break Internet Responds With #IfISeeAClown

While reports of mysterious sightings clown popping up across the country, resulting in the closure of schools and research, many say that enough is enough.

Over the weekend, Philadelphia school district officials and police said they were investigating the creepy clown threats made against local schools in social networks.

Likewise, The Spring Independent School District in Houston issued a security statement on Sunday night after receiving creepy clown threats against students and teachers.

While the police investigate these incidents, people on social media are using the hashtag #IfISeeAClown to share how they would deal with a creepy clown sighting.

Here are a few of the strategies people have come up with:

Run as fast as you can.

#IfISeeAClown bivh just call me Forest Gump cause I’m running pic.twitter.com/GNJXstbGaB

#IfISeeAClown I’m going to Usain Bolt out of this place see ya pic.twitter.com/Xt6OrTAJic

#IfIseeaclown this gon be me pic.twitter.com/g0KokLr1Pe

#IfISeeAClown I’m going to be the one saying Homie don’t play that.. pic.twitter.com/SfEnM8uTsA

#IfISeeAClown I will make sure he never makes the mistake of crossing my path again pic.twitter.com/DOCYdM1Sv9

#IfISeeAClown you know what I will be doing.. pic.twitter.com/Y9oYTjJEnh

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