Exclusive Tour inside the Operating Theatre of Breast Implants, Liposuction, Botox, Laser Peels, Lip and Wrinkle Fillers,

The ‘You Exposed’ series explores topical social issues by telling the fascinating real-life stories of people going through their own amazing journeys of self-discovery.  This episode – ‘Plastic Fantastic’ – introduces us to a group of women who are all undergoing various types of cosmetic surgery, and takes us right into the operating theatre along with them.

Sick of ‘surfboard’ taunts about her flat chest, Tamara, 32, is travelling to Malaysia to have her breasts enlarged, along with her best friend Chantelle. The two always promised they’d get the procedure done together. Meanwhile, Kayla, 22, has travelled abroad to have her boobs reduced, from a back-breaking 14G bra size.

Sera is just 19, but she’s really into the artificial look. She’s booked in for a boob job, and also intends to have dimples sewn into her cheeks and blue dye injected into her dark eyes.

Anastasia, 32, has had an incredible amount of nips, tucks and work done: breast implants, liposuction, botox, laser peels, lip and wrinkle fillers, tooth veneers, cellulite removal and treatment to bleach freckles. Not everything has gone well, though – chin lipo left her paralysed on the bottom of her face. For a while, her smile was crooked and food would drip from the side of her mouth when she ate. However, that’s not put her off having even more surgery… and enthusing about Sera’s plans to modify her body.

Finally, Paige, 24, sees cosmetic procedures as a way of “preserving what she has”. She began injecting fillers and botox at just 19 years old, and underwent breast augmentation at 21. She expects her plastic surgery habit to last her entire lifetime.

But is all this drastic plastic truly fantastic? Or have some of these women over-baked the fake?

CREDIT: Off The Fence Productions

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