Florida Man Head-Bangs To Slayer’s ‘Raining Blood’ During Hurricane Matthew

A topless man rocked out to heavy metal music as he braved strong winds and rain during Hurricane Matthew.

Lane Pittman was caught on video head banging to Slayer’s Raining Blood as he stood in the middle of a road in Jacksonville, Florida.

In the video, Pittman is seen standing in a lunge position as he steadies himself against the wind before twirling his ginger locks back and forth.

Pittman posted the video to his Facebook page on Friday and it has since garnered more than 18 million views.

‘Had a request for some hair action during the ‘cane. I granted it,’ Pittman wrote on Facebook.

Nearly 156,000 people were without electricity in Jacksonville as of Saturday evening.

Chief compliance officer, Ted Hobson, of electricity company JEA, told the Florida Times-Union that customers should expect to be without power for a few days.

Hurricane Matthew ripped through parts of Florida Thursday and into Friday killing six people.

As of Saturday evening, the storm had killed at least 13 people throughout the US and caused $6 billion worth of damage.

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