Former White Plains Police Officer Glen Hochman Kills Two of his Daughters and Family Pet then kills Himself.

A former White Plains police officer who was recently honored for saving a man’s life murdered his two teen daughters and the family pets before killing himself in their Westchester home Saturday, officials said.

Glen Hochman, a 22-year veteran who left the White Plains Police Department in January — killed his daughters Alissa, 17, and Deanna, 13, in their Adelphi Ave. home in Harrison, authorities said.

The family’s pet, a German shepherd mix and another animal were also killed, neighbors said. The 52-year-old Hochman’s wife, Anamarie DiPietro-Hochman, 50, and their eldest daughter, Samantha, 22, were not home at the time.

Police did not immediately reveal how the murders were committed. An autopsy was scheduled to determine the facts surrounding the heinous killings of the raven-haired girls.

“I do not believe the wife came home,” the police chief explained. “My understanding is they were not on the scene and they did not find the bodies inside the house.” Harrison police discovered the carnage after a neighbor called 911 at about 3:30 p.m.

DiPietro-Hochman and her surviving family were inconsolable late Saturday and would not come to the phone when reached.

The grieving mom’s Facebook page was teeming with pics of her three beautiful daughters and husband — including one with Hochman shaking the hand of the dog he later apparently killed. Adelphi Ave. residents were stunned by the untempered violence.

“Adorable, sweet kids. Terrific ladies — all of them,” said neighbor Howard Hollander, 52. “I think we’re all shocked by what’s coming out here tonight. I just can’t say anything that would lead to this.” Hollander described his neighbor as a quiet man who would politely say hello when he was out walking the dog.

“He was kind of a to-himself kind of guy,” he said. “He was quiet.” The Harrison Community School District issued a statement Saturday night, calling the slayings an “incomprehensible tragedy.” Hochman served with “honor and integrity” and had an impeccable record, White Plains Public Safety Commissioner David Chong said.

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